Political Science

Political Science is the study of the enduring issues, from ancient to modern times, of power and authority, citizenship and governance, justice and legitimacy, and conflict and cooperation. Over the past few decades, the exercise of power, patterns of governing, sources of political conflict, outcomes of distributive justice, and inter-state collaboration and international order have all been affected by several developments that include the termination of the Cold War, globalization, the ascendancy of neo-liberalism, the rise of China, international migration, ethnically and religiously motivated political conflicts, and environmental degradation.

Alongside more perennial themes, Political Science at UTSC addresses these developments and their implications through five subfields of the discipline: Political Theory, Canadian Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Public Policy. Comparative Politics includes the politics of both developed countries as well as developing countries. The sub-field of Political Theory explores the broad themes of political science historically and normatively; other subfields usually situate these themes in particular domestic and international contexts.

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