The Inaugural Research Symposium and Celebration of Excellence, March 26, 2024

On March 26, 2024, the Department of Political Science and the Political Science Students’ Association proudly presented a day of stimulating and enriching events to celebrate our students' academic excellence.

In the afternoon, we hosted the inaugural Political Science Research Symposium, an event dedicated to showcasing and celebrating outstanding undergraduate student research conducted during the 2023-2024 academic year.

The symposium serves as a platform to highlight excellence in research across various areas of political science, including International Relations, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, and Canadian Politics. It is an opportunity for students to present their findings, insights, and contributions to the field in a supportive and engaging environment.

Congratulations to the winners of the Best Research Poster for the Undergraduate Political Science Research Symposium!

1st place: Sara Kallas for “Cooperative Hedging: A Collaborative De-Risking Strategy for Secondary States in the Asia-Pacific”

2nd place: Ryan Chan, Justin Ng, and Kian Tadjbakhsh for “Healthcare Crisis In Afghanistan: Alternative Pathways for Women Entering Medical Practice”

3rd place: Bavan Pushpalingam for “From Plates to Policy: Unveiling Variances in National School Food Programs across Finland, New Zealand, and Canada”

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In the evening, we recognized and honoured undergraduate students at the University of Toronto Scarborough who have made outstanding contributions to research, public service, student leadership, and community engagement at The Political Science Celebration of Excellence.

The Celebration of Excellence was an amazing event to end off the year as it recognized the outstanding contributions of Political Science students to our department and beyond!

Congratulations to the finalists in each award category!

 Leadership Award: 

Zak Rhemtulla 

Abdulrahim Mohamed 

Bavan Pushpalingam 

Josyl Singh 

Ayisha Jilani  


Impact Award: 

Adrian Segarajasinghe 

Sophia Jiang  

Khalil-Najir Miles 

Bethany Tong 

Tzu-Ling Wang  


Citizenship Award 

Annika Dela Torre 

Momina Malik 

Sahana Gunaratnam 

Kowmitha Satkunarajan 

Makeda Smith  


Merit Awards  

3rd year 

Mahmoud Emad Nasr Allah 

Diep Minh Nguyen 

Bethany Christina Ru-Jin Tong 

McKenna North 

Matthew Tsu-Ping Kuo 


4th year 

Sara Kallas 

Justus Chan 

Sophia Jiang 

Arushi    Dahiya                                                       

Deirdre En-En Tan 

Karma Diala     Salloum                                                          

Ayisha Jilani 

Momina Malik  


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Research Symposium and Celebration of Excellence

The events are organized by the Department of Political Science and the Political Science Students’ Association.