Congratulations to our 2023 UTSC Political Science Department's Award Winners!

UTSC Political Science Department congratulates our award winners in undergraduate Political Science, Public Policy and Public Law programs.


2023 UTSC Award Winners


Leadership Award: 

Annabelle Dravid


Impact Award: 

Sophia Jiang


Citizenship Award: 

Josyl Singh


Scholarly Merit: 

Momina Malik


Senior Scholarly Merit: 

Sakina Fatima


Research Paper Prize winners are:


Canadian Politics: Calen Knakowski for “Perception versus Reality: An analysis of the possible catalysts behind the substantial wage disparity between Canadian-born and Immigrant Canadians”

Comparative Politics: Mannat Boparai for “A Historic Victory: Why did Prime Minister Narender Modi accept defeat, for the first time in his ironclad rule, against the Farmers Protest?”

International Relations: Kauthar Mohammad for “Economic Development and War Recurrence in Partitioned States”

Political Theory: Simone Friesen, “Moral & Reproductive Technologies: Is Weak Eugenics Permissible.”

Public Law: Reyanna Marie Rose Bridge for “The Pliability of Rights: The Efficacy of Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws in the United States”

Public Policy: Nicolai Chirilciuc for “Effects of First Response Policies to Covid-19 in New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden”

And also  

Michelle Ramnaraine for the 2023 Manzer Graduation Prize in Public Policy 

Christiane Eva Khalileyh  for the 2023 Graduation Prize in Political Sciences 

Anika Munir (Public Policy) and Shan Ahmed (Political Science): The University of Toronto Scarborough Letter Awards