Instructional Videos: University of Toronto access only (others may request access by email)

BioSafety with Widow Spiders

Link for video providing an introduction to the biology of spiders for those engaged in husbandry in the Andrade lab.

Spider 101

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Maydianne’s personal website

Watch Catherine Scott discuss how male Black Widows find females.

And read about it in the New York Times

(based on Scott et al 2019)

Catch Maydianne on CBC

Television:  The Nature of Things

Maydianne was the on-air host and knowledge translator for

First Animals (2019) (watch on CBC GEM)

where she joins ROM curator Prof. Jean-Bernard Caron on a field expedition to the Burgess Shale. Read about her experience here.

Also as a guest arachnologist on: The Great Wild Indoors (2017)

Radio: Ideas

As a panelist on CBC Ideas with journalists Adam Gopnik and Ivan Semeniuk to discuss : Imagining the World: Darwin and the idea of evolution

Stories on Latrodectus males mating with immature females

see: Biaggio et al 2016; Baruffaldi & Andrade 2017, 2020

ABC News National Geographic Science
ScienceDaily The Guardian Smithsonian 

Read BBC Earth Article on PhD student Luciana Baruffaldi’s research (2015)

Hear PhD student Catherine Scott on:

October 27, 2015;  11:30am, What She Said, Sirius radio   

 October 30, 2015; 2pm,  Science Friday, NPR:

 whatShesaid   SciFri                                                                 





Read Vice Article on life in the Andrade lab (2015)

mysteries of the black spider‘Mysteries of the Black Widow’: In the field at the Hastings Nature Reserve (University of California, Berkeley)  with Emily Macleod

Blast from the past! Maydianne on Nova Science Now