field_workOur infrastructure facilitates year-round controlled experiments.

Outbred laboratory populations of several species of invertebrates are maintained and a range of tools for mechanistic and functional studies of behavoiur, life history, physiology and neurobiology are available.
Research infrastructure includes:

  • 4 Controlled-environment experimental rooms + stand-alone growth chambers
  • Invertebrate rearing facility
  • High resolution digital imaging
  • 16 Digital video-monitored experimental arenas with macro-zoom capability
  • C02 & differential 02 respirometer
  • Mobile Laser Vibrometer
  • Access to Neurophysiology & Genomics facilities of core members of the Integrative Behaviour & Neuroscience Research Group (IBN).

We pair laboratory investigations with field studies.

Field work occurs locally (Koffler reserve at Joker’s Hill), in British Columbia, California, (Hastings Reserve), Florida (Archbold Biological Station), Sydney, and Perth Australia, and Uruguay, South America.