Lab Research Meetings: Thursdays 11:15 am to 1pm

UTSC, Room SW551 (unless otherwise noted)

NOTE: Lab business meetings are chaired by Luciana, these are held Mondays @ 3pm in SW551

You should know the status of your populations & experiments.

Spring 2017




January 4 2017 Maydianne. Lab organization and plans for the term
 Jan 19 Monica.  SICB Talk
Jan 26 Luciana  Drosophila melanogaster females restore their attractiveness after mating by removing male anti-aphrodisiac pheromones   ( PDF Drosophila pheromones)
 Feb 2 Maydianne  Manuscript on polyandry and remating interval in redbacks.

reading: Alonzo SH, Pizzari T, 2013. Selection on female remating interval is influenced by male sperm competition strategies and ejaculate characteristics. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2012.0044. pdfAlonzo-Pizzari-2013-remating

Feb 9 Ajay Dispersal response to climate change: scaling down to intraspecific variation. Ecology Letters.

Dispersal_Eco Letters 2015

 Feb 16 Monica Molecular characterization of firefly nuptial gifts: a multi-omics approach sheds light on postcopulatory sexual selection  (PDF fireflies)
 Feb 23
 March 2  Writing circle: bring your work-in-progress.
 March 9  Yousef  Boisseau et al.  Sexual and nonsexual cannibalism have different effects on offspring performance in redback spiders. link.
 March 16  Writing circle and undergrad papers/talks work in progress  maydianne & grad students available for comment
 March 23  BIOC99 practice talk
 March 30 Laini D98 presentation
 April 4  BIOD98 Departmental talk
 April 13
 April 20