Research Personnel





Maydianne Andrade
Principal Investigator

BSc SFU, MSc U Toronto, PhD Cornell
ORCID Professional Profile: 0000-0002-2931-5378; CV Sept. 2016

Post-Doctoral Researcher & Lab Director

Luciana Baruffaldi



Dr. Luciana Baruffaldi BSc, MSc Montevideo, Uruguay, PhD UofT 2015.  Interests: Mechanisms, functions and diversity of sex pheromones.Luciana’s work spans the genus Latrodectus and incorporates field and laboratory approaches to systematic and contextual variation in pheromone function. Luciana completed her PhD in the Andrade lab in 2015. Check out Luciana’s Publications here.E-mail:

Zhenhua Luo


Associate Professor Zhenhua Luo is visiting from the Institute of Evolution and Ecology, Central China Normal University with funding from the China Scholarship Council. With expertise in sexual selection and conservation  of amphibians and ungulates, Professor Luo will be visiting the lab from March 2018 through April 2019. We look forward to many interesting collaborations.

PhD students

Sheena Fry


Sheena Fry (September 2011—present)BSc, MSc Memorial, PhD candidateInterests: Causes and consequences of male phenotypic variation. Sheena’s work on western black widows combines a multi-year field study with laboratory examinations of development and performance.E-mail:

Charmaine Condy


Charmaine Condy (September 2012—present)BSc, MSc UT, PhD candidateInterests: Evolutionary relationships, molecular phylogenetics & proteomics. Charmaine’s work uses molecular tools to establish evolutionary relationships among Latrodectus species and test hypotheses about evolutionary effects of ecological variation.
Charmaine is co-supervised by Prof. Nathan Lovejoy.E-mail:

Monica Mowery


Monica Mowery (September 2014 – present). BSc Tufts, PhD Candidate. Interests: Monica has previously worked on sexual selection, visual signaling, and nutritional ecology of butterflies. She joins the lab after work as a research assistant at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard (supervised by Prof Naomi Pierce), where she has also become adept at DNA barcoding. Monica is co-supervised by Prof Andrew Mason and developing her thesis in the areas of variation in personality and sexual selection within and across populations. Check out Monica’s publication here.



Nishant Singh (BSc Pittsburg). Starting in September 2015. Nishant’s undergradaute research included an investigation of effects of morphology and behavioural type on mating behaviour of the Pennsylvania grass spider (Agelenopsis pennsylvanica), completed in the lab of Prof. Jonathan Pruitt. Check out Nishant’s publications here.


Catherine Scott



Catherine Scott (BSc Queens, MSc Simon Fraser). Starting in September 2015. Catherine has just completed her MSc on chemical communication in the Western black widow spider (L. hesperus) in the lab of Prof Gerhard Gries (Simon Fraser University). Check out Catherine’s writing on: spiderbytes, twitter: @Cataranea and publications here.

Check out  Catherine and Sean’s successful crowd-funded proposal to support next year’s field season


Research Personnel