Maydianne Andrade

Principal Investigator

BSc SFU, MSc U Toronto, PhD Cornell
CV_Sept 2016



Dr. Malcolm Rosenthal

Malcolm  (BSc Oberlin, PhD Nebraska). Malcolm spent one year as a post-doctoral fellow in the lab. He is currently a post-doc in the lab of Dr. Damian Elias at UCBerkeley. Check out Malcolm’s publications here.

Dr. Emily MacLeod

Dr. Emily MacLeod  (PhD 2013)

Emily completed her PhD on sexual selection and male mate choice in western black widow spiders in 2013. She is currently applying her ‘big data’ wizardry as a research associate in the Applied Educational Research group at the Michner Institute.

Dr. Luciana Baruffaldi (PhD 2015)

Dr. Luciana Baruffaldi
(PhD 2015)

Luciana completed her PhD on the evolution of sex pheromones in 2015. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher in my lab.

Megan McPhee (MSc, 2015)

Megan McPhee
(MSc, 2015)

 Megan (co-supervised with AC Mason) completed her MSc on mate guarding and sexual selection in 2015. 


Dr. Jeffrey Stoltz (PhD 2010)

Jeff completed his PhD on interacting mechanisms of sexual selection in 2010. He was awarded an NSERC post-doctoral fellowship to work in the Behaviour Research Group of Dr. Tom Tregenza (U Exeter).

Maria Modanu (MSc 2010)

Maria completed her MSc on the effects of appendage loss on developmental tradeoffs in 2010.  After working as an Andrade lab technician for 2 years, she applied for and was awarded an NSERC CGSM fellowship to support her PhD work in Neurobiology & Behavior with HK Reeve at Cornell University (commenced in September 2012).

Dr. Michael Kasumovic  (PhD 2007)

Michael completed his PhD on developmental plasticity and fluctuating selection. He was awarded two post-doctoral fellowships (one from NSERC and one from ARC), and is now a Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales.

Maria Daniela Biaggio (MSc 2006)

Daniela completed an MSc on the effects of juvenile experience on adult mating behaviour in 2006. She is currently the Conservation Manager at the Wellington Zoo (New Zealand).

Dr. Yoni Brandt (Post-doctoral fellow)

Yoni worked on sexual dimorphism, allometry and communication in fishes and spiders. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of South Dakota.

Dr. Gergin (Gerry) Blagoev (Research associate)

Gerry is an expert arachnid systematist & taxonomist. He worked on allometry and morphometrics of Tetragnathids. He is currently a Research Associate at the BioDiversity Institute of Ontario.

Dr. J Chad Johnson (NSF Post-doctoral fellow)

Chad’s work focused on behavoiural syndromes in black widow spiders. He is currently an Associate Professor at Arizona State University West.

Lindsay Snow (MSc 2003)

Lindsay examined post-copulatory sexual selection in redback spiders. She is now involved in exhibit design at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Gillian Glenn-Worrall (MSc 2003)

Gillian examined multiple mating in scaly crickets. She is now an administrative assistant at the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.