Charles Trick

Charles Trick
Professor CLTA
Inaugural Director of the Institute for Inclusive Health and Well-Being
Building HL 228


Charles Trick is a Professor of Health and Society at UTSC. As an oceanographer and environmental public health professional, he has a unique perspective on the future of communities challenged by climate and other environmental changes. As an oceanographer, he specializes in harmful algal blooms and ocean acidification. As a public health researcher, he has developed an active community-based participatory research program primarily focused on the impact of global change on “environmental enclaves.”  These are communities distinct from surrounding territory and are geographically entrenched as climate-change or global changes alter their human ecosystem. Present research involves Guatemala and Indonesia. Before arriving at UTSC, he was a Professor in Biology and the Interfaculty Program in Public Health at Western University. He is an advocate of Planetary Health and competency-based education.