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Three women preparing prawn curry together

Sri Lankan Cookbook Brings Second-Generation Canadians Together

“Handmade,” a cookbook published in 2015, encourages the preparation of traditional dishes from the South Asian country.

New York Times newspaper; Dining section, front cover

A Toronto Tasting With The Times

Times food editor Sam Sifton hosts this festive event marking The New York Times's focus on food in Canada

Chef Nick Liu

Culinaria featured in Toronto Life

Here’s what happened when DaiLo chef Nick Liu cooked Chinese food from a 119-year-old menu

plated ribeye steak

Chinese Food Everywhere at Culinaria Research Centre event

Culinaria has been featured in the UTSC University News

small batch whiskey in bottles

Interview with Director Daniel Bender with the New York Times

What is Canadian cuisine? Some Food for Thought...

Dan Bender on Durian and the Smells of Empire

Durian and the Smells of Empire

Watch Dan Bender on durian and the smells of empire @ TedX UTSC

Jeffrey Pilcher on Culinary Tourism

Culinary Tourism

Watch Jeffrey Piclher on culinary Tourism on CCTV America

U.S. Economist touts Scarborough as the "best ethnic food burb"

Read about Tyler Cowan, author of An Economist Gets Lunch, visit to Scarborough and Culinaria in the Toronto Star (March 18, 2015)

Why foodies, bloggers and scholars are turning to Scarborough

Read about Culinaria in the UofT News (March 24, 2015)

Building Community Gardens

Listen to Camille Bégin talk about community gardens in Paris, France, as well as her upcoming book, on the Heritage Radio Network

First -ever-food-writer-in-residence comes to UTSC

Read about celebrated cookbook author Naomi Duguid month-long residence on campus in the UTSC news

In search of real Mexican Tacos

Read about Jeffrey Pilcher's work on Mexican Food in the Boston Globe (May 6, 2014)


The new snack craze on Mexico’s streets starts with Doritos, and goes from there

Read about Jeffrey Piclher's work on Mexican street food in the Washington Post (October 20, 2014)

U of T acquires collection of 10,000 Chinese restaurant menus (CBC)

Read about U of T's acquisition of the largest Chinese restaurant menus in CBC

Culinaria brings food studies to the table

Read about Culinaria's contribution to the world of food in the UTSC Commons (Fall 2014)

U of T acquires the world’s largest collection of Chinese restaurant menus (The Star)

Read about U of T's acquisition of the largest Chinese restaurant menus in The Star

World’s largest collection of Chinese menus

Watch Daniel Bender talk on largest collection of Chinese menus on City Breakfast Television