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CULINARIA Book Series--University of Toronto Press

A New Book Series from University of Toronto Press


Food for Thought, Food for Pleasure, Food for Change

CULINARIA is dedicated to understanding where our food comes from, and how it shapes bodies, identities, pasts, presents, and futures. It conceives of food in three interconnected ways: food for thought, food for pleasure, and food for change. We welcome proposals for original monographs, collected editions, and edited historical texts with immediate scholarly appeal and classroom use. The series aims to contribute to global conversations around food culture, politics and activism, food science and sustainability, gastronomy, and culinary innovation.

Series Editors

Jayeeta (Jo) Sharma (University of Toronto) H. Rosi Song (Durham University) Robert Davidson (University of Toronto)  


Editorial Advisory Board

Cristiana Bastos (U of Lisbon) Shyon Baumann (U of Toronto) Daniel Bender (U of Toronto) Andrea Borghini (U of Milan) Miranda Brown (U of Michigan) Sidney Cheung (Chinese U of Hong Kong) Simone Cinotto (U of Gastronomic Sciences) Tracey Deutsch (U of Minnesota) Jean Duruz (U of South Australia) Rebecca Earle (U of Warwick) Beth Forrest (Culinary Institute of America) Michael Innis-Jiménez (U of Alabama) Alice Julier (Chatham U) Lindsay Kelley (U of New South Wales) Zeynep Kiliç (U of Alaska) Mustafa Koç (Ryerson U) Charles Levkoe (Lakehead U) Ken Macdonald (U of Toronto) Raúl Matta (U of Göttingen) Massimo Montanari (U of Bologna) Fabio Parasecoli (New York U) Jeffrey Pilcher (U of Toronto) Elaine Power (Queen’s U) Signe Rousseau (U of Cape Town) Kyla D. Tompkins (Pomona C)


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