EaRTH (Environmental and Related Technologies Hub - Phase 2)

EaRTH building exterior - artist rendering


EaRTH phase 2 facility, a partnership between UTSC and Centennial College, will be a living laboratory and create training and research opportunities in waste management, clean energy, sustainable building design, water conservation, urban agriculture, EV research and training and more.

This new building will be able to keep pace with research facility requirements, support the need for local food security, grow its reputation as a leading hub for clean technology, provide the education and training required to fulfill industry needs, and address mounting climate change concerns.

This partnership will also develop the region’s clean, green, sustainable technology sectors through research, academic programming and commercialization of advanced technology.


Visit the website here.

EaRTH District at U of T Scarborough aims to make eastern GTA a hub for green-tech training and innovation (UTSC News)