Application Process - Renovation Projects

The Campus Design & Development (CDD) Committee is an administrative committee mandated to ensure that proposed changes to campus facilities are aligned with the University of Toronto Scarborough’s short and long-term master plans and are specifically guided by a best practices approach to physical planning, design and construction consistent with the Policy on Capital Planning and Capital Projects.

The committee works in cooperation with UTSC’s Space Planning Sub-committee in overseeing the physical development of the Scarborough campus that includes the assessment and approval of space plans and allocations.   It is responsible for the renovation of existing facilities, infrastructure renewal projects including computing network infrastructure, and security systems.  The CDD committee has the authority to approve projects with a value of up to $10 million and to recommend projects over $10 million and up to $50 million.

Request Process

Application – Renovation Projects 

A CDD Project Application is required for all project requests related to new construction, renovation to existing spaces, facilities renewal, or security systems projects at UTSC that are expected to have a budget between $50,000 - $10,000,000 and funds in-hand OR that are seeking funding through the annual Planning and Priorities budget process.

If your request does not meet the criteria above (i.e. you require assistance with determining a budget for a potential project or require help in coordinating design elements in a project with an expected budget under $50K) and you would still like assistance with a project request, you may use the link above to submit a request and select Non-CDD under “Type of Request”.

All CDD Project Application submissions will be reviewed by a member of the Design and Construction Management team. You will be contacted once your request has been assessed and will be advised on next steps. 

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the CDD Application Process please contact


Space Allocation Inventory

A CDD Project Application will only be accepted for spaces allocated to the requesting department. If the space that is being requested for renovation is not part of the department’s space allocation inventory, please use the link above to access and submit “Space Application Change Form”.  All submissions for Space Allocation Inventory changes will be reviewed by the UTSC Space Planning Sub-committee.

Please note only those with authorized access can view information on the Space Allocation Inventory - SharePoint Site. If you require access please contact your Department Head to authorize access. All access requests can be sent to

If you need assistance or have any questions on your department’s current space allocation inventory please contact