Office of Business, Operations, and Strategic Affairs

University Of Toronto Scarborough

1265 Military Trail

Arts & Administrative Building, Room AA 419

Toronto, Ontario

M1C 1A4 Canada

T: 416-208-5103


Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Andrew Arifuzzaman

Chief Administrative Officer

Therese Ludlow

Director of Business Operations and Campus Development
(416) 208-2941

Nicole Singh

Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer and Office Manager
(416) 208-5103

Louise D’Orsay

Project Coordinator and Office Administrator
(416) 208-2958

Nimao Amir

Project Coordinator - Special Projects

Regina Hui

Business Officer
(416) 208-7666

Brent Duguid

Director, Partnerships and Legal Counsel
(416) 287-7033

Jasmine Hunsrao

Legal Assistant, Partnerships and Legal Counsel
(647) 601-4688

BOSA Directors

Jennifer Adams-Peffer

Campus Architect and Director, Architecture, Planning and Project Development
(416) 208-2680

Ramona Gonsalves

Senior Director, Financial Services
(416) 287-7016

Jeevan Kempson

Director, Campus Planning & Analysis
(416) 287-5636

Jeff Miller

Director, Facilities Management and Capital Projects
(416) 287-5123

Zoran Piljevic

Senior Director, Technology and Business Transformation
(416) 287-7353

Tanya Poppleton

Senior Director, Campus Safety Operations
(416) 287-7539

Kimberley Tull

Director, Community and Learning Partnerships and Access Pathways
(416) 208-2797

Fran Wdowczyk

Director, Business Development & Special Advisor to the CAO Operations and Special Projects
(416) 208-5135