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Office of the Registrar


Are you eligible to graduate at the November 2015 Convocation?

If your academic record meets either of the following requirements, you MAY be eligible to graduate at the November 2015 Convocation:

  • you are currently registered in the 2015 Summer Session and upon successful completion of your current courses you will have the correct number of credits for the Degree Post you are registered in.
  • you have already successfully completed the correct number of credits for the Degree Post you are registered in but have not yet graduated.

Students are invited to confirm their intent to graduate if they are registered in:

  • an Honours Degree POSt (ie Honour Bachelor of Arts, Honours Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, co-op & non-co-op degree posts) and are currently registered in or have successfully completed their 20.0th credit
  • a Three year Degree POSt (ie Three Year Bachelor Arts or Three Year Bachelor Science) and are currently registered in or have successfully completed their 15.0th credit. (NOTE: Only students who first registered at UTSC prior to the 2004 Summer Session may elect to receive a three year B.A. or B.Sc. degree)

ROSI does not check if your Subject POSt(s) match the Degree POSt you are registered in. Convocation & Student Records will check this, but to make sure your request goes quickly and smoothly, you should make certain that these are compatible before you confirm your intent to graduate.

You can check that you are satisfying all your requirements by consulting the UTSC Calendar for degree and program requirements. You are also encouraged to use Degree Explorer. If you find that you still have questions about your degree and program requirements, contact the Academic Advising & Career Centre and/or your Program Supervisor/Advisor.


About Degree Explorer
Degree Explorer (DE) was developed by EASI (Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration) at the University of Toronto to enable students to do planning and to run degree and program assessments. To access Degree Explorer, go to and select "Degree Explorer".

While using Degree Explorer, students can:

  • run assessment to show the current status of their program and degree requirements
  • plan future courses and do hypothetical scenarios to see how these selections impact their program and degree requirements
  • do hypothetical program of study changes and run assessments to determine if they meet the requirements
  • see any exceptions made on their record and if their program and degree have been confirmed


How do you confirm your intent to Graduate?

For the November 2015 Convocation, students must confirm their intent to graduate through ROSI between:

June 10th, 2015 and August 1st, 2015

After August 1st, 2015, students will not be able to check or confirm their November 2015 Graduation on ACORN or ROSI Student Web Service. For information on requesting graduation after the deadline, see LATE REQUESTS, below.

Go to and sign onto the student web service.

  1. Select MAIN MENU
  2. Select GRADUATION
  3. Check that your Degree POSt is correct for the type of degree you plan to receive
  4. If your Degree Post is not correct, before you continue with your graduation intent, you must request a Degree POSt change through the Registrar's Page eService. (Please wait 24 hours after you receive your confirmation of Degree POSt email response before moving to next step.)
  5. If your Degree Post is correct, select YES to confirm your intention to graduate
  6. Once you have confirmed your intent to graduate, you should select Subject POSts to make sure that you are registered in the correct Subject Posts for the degree post you have requested.
  7. At this time, the Convocation & Student Records Office will begin the process of evaluating your academic record for degree and program requirements.

What to expect after you confirm your intent to graduate
All correspondence concerning your intent to graduate is sent to your MAILING address on ROSI, not your permanent address, and/or your UTORid email account. It is important that you keep this information on ROSI up to date, including your current telephone number(s) for quick notifications.

  • If there are problems with your request, the Records & Convocation Office will be in touch with you as soon as possible to try and resolve any issues.
  • Once the request period to confirm your intent to graduate has passed, students will no longer be able to view their request on ROSI. This does NOT mean that the request has been cancelled. Changes to the request after the above deadline must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.
  • You will receive an eCommunication to your UTORid email account, directing you to the U of T Convocation Web Site to confirm information about yourself and your request. It will also provide you with information regarding the ceremonies, ticket reservations, gown rental, diplomas, etc. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMATION THAT YOU HAVE MET ALL PROGRAM AND DEGREE REQUIREMENTS; this is confirmation that you have applied to graduate and the degree for which you have applied for.
    This will be sent in early April for June convocations and early October for November convocations.
  • Final confirmation emails and letters will be sent, from the Registrar's Office and/or the Office of the Vice-President, University of Toronto, Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough. This correspondence will be sent in late May for June convocations and late October for November convocations. Please remember to keep your 'mailing' address on ROSI up-to-date so that the letter is sent to the correct address.


Late Requests to Graduate

A late fee of $80.00 CDN will be charged to students applying to graduate late. Late request will be considered only with extenuating circumstances. To be considered for a late request, you must send an email to The email must include the following information:

  • your name and student number
  • payment information (ie credit card type, number and expiry date)
  • your current contact information (ie: your cell and/or home number where you can be reached, alternate email address, current mailing address etc)
  • the reason why your request is being submitted after the deadline
  • the type of degree and the programs you wish to be certified
Cancelling a Graduation Request

Students can cancel their graduation request through ROSI during the regular request period. Please note that if a student fails to meet all of their degree and program requirements, they do not have to cancel their graduation request, the Office of Convocation will do that automatically and will send the student notification of the cancellation by email and/or in writing.

If a student wishes to cancel their graduation request after the regular request period, a late fee of $80.00 CDN will be charged and the student must request cancellation by email to The email must include the following information:

  • your name and student number
  • payment information (ie credit card type, number and expiry date)
  • your current contact information (ie: your cell and/or home number where you can be reached, alternate email address, current mailing address etc)
  • the reason why you want to CANCEL your graduation request late.
  • the type of degree and the program(s) you wish to CANCEL


General Information

Visit for information about the following items:

  • Campus Tours
  • Flowers
  • Gifts
  • Parking
  • Photographs
  • Visiting Toronto


University of Toronto Scarborough Convocation will be held on

November 2015 Convocation - Dates and Times

Fall 2015 Convocation ceremony will be held on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 in Convocation Hall, 31 King's College Circle, Toronto, Ontario

2:30 pm ceremony
Honours Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees
Honours Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science Degrees
Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees

June 2016 Convocation - Dates and Times

June 2016 Convocation ceremonies will be held in Convocation Hall on (times to be announced).

Ceremony information is available from the Office of Convocation website.

To View archived Convocation Webcasts - click here



Reminder: The deadline for graduating students to make any changes to their names is

November 2015 Convocation: September 22nd, 2015
June 2016 Convocation: To be announced

PLEASE NOTE: Due to publication deadlines, name changes received after the deadline cannot be processed. We will accept the forms, but they will not be processed until after graduation has taken place, no exceptions. If you want your name change to appear on your diploma, a new diploma must be produced. A fee of $80 CDN applies. For more information, please refer to the University of Toronto, Office of Convocation website.

To make an Official Name Change, graduating students must come to the University of Toronto Scarborough Registrar's Office before the deadline date, with original supporting documentation (ie Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Marriage Certificate or a Legal Name Change issued by the Registrar General of Ontario) and fill out a "Change or Correction of Name" form.




ATTENDING THE CEREMONY - Follow the three important steps below!!

  • Step One – Reserve your academic regalia (gown and hood). Place your order on-line at Gaspard LP between (to be announced). Remember to record your rental confirmation number.

  • Step Two – RSVP your attendance at the ceremony as soon as possible once the request period opens – your RSVP is mandatory if you will be attending! The online RSVP and Guest Ticket Request Form is available between (to be announced). If you plan on submitting a request for extra guest tickets be sure and submit your RSVP as soon as possible once the request period opens, as the process of assigning available extra guest tickets is based on the RSVP submission date and time.

    The link to RSVP and request Guest Tickets can be found at the bottom of this page. Do NOT RSVP on ROSI.

  • Step Three – Pick up your guest tickets (see details below) between(to be announced).


Academic Regalia (Gowns & Hoods) - All candidates must wear academic gowns and hoods. Order your regalia on-line at Gaspard LP during the reservation period (Step 1 above). Your rental confirmation number is needed to RSVP and order guest tickets for convocation. Please make note of the number!

The RSVP - An RSVP during the request period is required. In order to RSVP and request tickets for your guests go to the appropriate link below. You must have your regalia rental confirmation number in order to RSVP. Diplomas will be distributed at the ceremony for those who RSVP during the request period (Step 2 above). When you RSVP, you will receive a confirmation email that includes ticket pick up instructions.

Disability-related Accommodation - To ensure full participation, if you, or one of your guests, have any disability-related accommodation needs, please include this information when you RSVP online. There is a section on the RSVP and Guest Ticket Request Form to describe requirements.

Guest Tickets - Every effort will be made to honour requests for a maximum of two guest tickets for each eligible and attending graduand who RSVPs during the request period (Step 2 above). (Note: the Graduand does not require a ticket). Guest tickets may not be available to graduands who miss the RSVP deadline.

Extra Guest Tickets - If you require more than two guest tickets, you may request this on the RSVP form during the request period. It is important that you submit your on-line RSVP as soon as possible once the request period opens, as the process of assigning available extra guest tickets is based on the RSVP submission date and time. Extra guest tickets are assigned in single increments based on the RSVP submission date until the supply of guest tickets is exhausted. More than one extra guest ticket may be available depending on supply and demand.

Graduands will be notified by email on (to be announced) of the result of their extra ticket(s) request. As extra tickets are assigned based on availability there is no guarantee we will be able to satisfy all requests for extra guest tickets. Should you have guests without a guest ticket, please read the sections below on Convocation Plaza and Webcast of Convocation Ceremonies.

Guest Ticket Pickup - Tickets will be available for pickup in the U of T Scarborough Registrar's Office during the pick-up period (Step 3 above). The Registrar's Office is located in room AA142, 1265 Military Trail. Tickets must be picked up in person by the Graduand. Regrettably, we cannot offer a mailing service. Graduands who live outside the city or have other circumstances that prevent a visit to our office during business hours may indicate this on the on-line RSVP form. We will confirm an alternate arrangement by email. To pick up tickets, the Graduand must show their TCard (or valid government-issued photo identification).

Ticket Pickup Hours:
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays ............ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Wednesdays ............................................ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Fridays ...................................................... 9:30 am - 3:00 pm


Webcast of Convocation Ceremonies
In keeping with our objective of increasing opportunities for family and friends to participate in the convocation celebrations, all Convocation Ceremonies will be webcast. We hope you enjoy viewing these ceremonies online at

Convocation Plaza

The Convocation Plaza marquee will be situated on the front campus, King's College Circle, adjacent to Convocation Hall. For information about Convocation Plaza, click here.

On the Day of Your Convocation:

The convocation ceremony is held at Convocation Hall on the St. George Campus, 31 King's College Circle, Toronto ON, M5S 1A1.  See the map at  
In order to ensure a memorable convocation experience for you and your guests, we kindly request that you follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Ensure that your guests have their tickets, as lost tickets cannot be replaced. Guests without tickets will not be admitted.

Step 2: Arrive at University College at least ninety minutes prior to the ceremony to pick up your gown and hood. It is recommended that you leave personal items (purses, coats, cameras) with your guests. There is no secure storage space in University College and all the items you bring must then be carried to Convocation Hall and you will need to hold onto these items throughout the proceedings.

Step 3: After regalia has been collected, be in the marshalling rooms in University College one hour and fifteen minutes before your ceremony to join the graduating student procession.

Step 4: Return your regalia following your convocation ceremony to avoid additional charges.

NOTE: To ensure your participation in the ceremony, please arrive by the times provided. Due to the complex arrangements involved in arranging a successful ceremony, if you arrive late there is no guarantee that you will be able to join the ceremony.


Policy on Debt to the University

An Important Reminder to all graduating students of the Policy Regarding students with debt to the University

Accounts must be paid in full by September 22, 2015 for the November 2015 Convocation and (date to be announced) for the June 2016 Convocation. There will be no exceptions.

If your debts to the University are not cleared by these dates, your graduation assessment will still be active. If you meet all of the degree and program requirements, you will be eligible to graduate and attend your convocation ceremony, BUT your diploma will not be presented to you at that time. Instead you will receive a notice of how to receive your diploma once you have cleared your outstanding debts.

The University of Toronto Scarborough imposes the following academic sanctions to all students in debt to the University:

  • transcripts are not issued
  • diplomas are not released
  • further studies are denied
  • written certification of degree and program completion is not provided
  • confirmation of enrolment status may not be provided
  • registration is refused to re-enrolling students (i.e. returning after suspension or an absence of twelve months or more)


U of T Scarborough Convocation & Student Records Contact Information

Ms. D. Tracy Vandermeer
Convocation & Student Records Coordinator
University of Toronto at Scarborough
Office of Convocation & Student Records
1265 Military Trail, Room AA142
Toronto, ON M1C1A4

Telephone: 416-287-7532
Fax: 416-287-7528

Convocation Ticket Information: 416-287-7001
(only during regular ticket distribution periods)

UTSC Office of the Registrar Hours, click here


Asia-Pacific Graduation Ceremony

The Asia-Pacific Graduation Ceremony is traditionally hosted every two years and will next be held on Sunday, November 29th, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.

The ceremony is an occasion for recent graduates with ties to the region to celebrate their achievement with family, friends and alumni. This year's event will celebrate those in the graduating classes of 2014 and 2015.

All recent graduates living in the Asia-Pacific region who are interested in participating in the 2015 Asia-Pacific Grauation Ceremony are encouraged to subscribe for updates at

Event registration will open the week of February 9th, 2015.

For more information on Asia-Pacific Graduation Ceremonies, please contact:

In Toronto:
Mrs. Sara Franca
Division of University Advancement
21 Kings College Circle, Room 116
Toronto, ON M5S3J3
Tel: 416-946-5559

In Hong Kong:
Ms. Prudence Ng
UofT Asia-Pacific Advancement Office
Tel: +852-2375-8258
Fax: +852-2992-0774


Frequently Asked Questions

I can't confirm my Intent to Graduate through ROSI. What should I do?

  • If you are having difficulties confirming your intent to graduate through ROSI, please go to the Registrar's Office and explain your circumstances.

My name on ROSI is not my official name and/or there is an error. What should I do?

  • To make an Official Name Change, graduating students must come to the Registrar's Office before the posted deadline(s), with original supporting documentation (ie Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Marriage Certificate or a Legal Name Change issued by the Registrar General of Ontario) and fill out a "Change or Correction of Name" form.
  • The deadline for graduating students to make any changes to their names is:

    NOVEMBER 2015 CONVOCATION ------- deadline is September 22nd, 2015.
    JUNE 2016 CONVOCATION ----------------- deadline is (to be announced).

A fee of $80 cdn applies to produce a new diploma for graduates who submit their request for a Name Change after the deadline.

I'm not in the program/stream I want to graduate with, what should I do?

  • If the program is NOT a Limited Enrolment Program, you can add it through ROSI. If you make make a change to your programs after the deadline to request graduation, you must email to inform us about the change so that we can re-assess your graduation request.
  • If the program is a Limited in Enrolment Program/Stream and you have not been successful getting into that program/stream to date, you must email to request graduating with the Limited Enrolment Program/Stream.
  • When emailing, you must alway make sure to indicate your name, student number, and the degree type and program(s) you wish to graduate with.

How many tickets are available to graduating students for the convocation ceremony?

  • All students attending their convocation are eligible to receive two (2) tickets for their guests for their ceremony. Seating in Convocation Hall is limited, so to avoid disappointment we suggest that you obtain your tickets by the deadline dates. The deadline dates to RSVP your attendance at convocation, along with deadline dates for ticket requests and pick-up, will be announced in a letter mailed to all potential graduates in late-March for June Convocations and early-October for Fall Convocations. These dates will be posted on this website once they are available.

How do I get Graduation Pictures?

  • University of Toronto Scarborough Grad pictures are provided through SCSU (Scarborough College Student Union). For information on Grad pictures, please contact them at

I can't make it to the convocation ceremonies, how do I get my diploma? If you do not attend Convocation then you may obtain your diploma in one of the following ways:

  • Collect your diploma at the Office of Convocation on the St. George Campus. For instructions, click here  

  • Request that it be mailed. For instructions, click here.


Transcripts are processed by the University of Toronto Transcript Centre (UTTC) and requests are made through ROSI.

University of Toronto Transcript Centre - Contact Information:
100 St. George Street, Room 1006
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3
Phone: 416-978-3384
Fax: 416-978-2487

Ordering your transcript through ROSI (the student web service) is the fastest and most efficient way - go to and login using your student number and PIN. If you have never used ROSI before, your PIN defaults to your date of birth in YYMMDD format (ie. DOB is July 30, 1986 - PIN is 860730). Once you login to ROSI, select "transcripts and academic history" from the main menu. From this page, click "order transcripts". Follow the instructions given on the page to submit your order.

If you do not have access to ROSI, or you do not remember your student number you may complete a request form and send it to the above address - click here for details and the form.

Once you have ordered, you may pay with VISA or MasterCard on-line (click "view transcript requests" and follow the instructions on how to pay with a credit card), or send a fax with your order number, credit card number and expiry date (UTTC fax number is 416-978-2487 - phone enquiries 416-978-3384). The cost is listed as a "user fee" - for details click here.

Picking up your Transcript at UofT Scarborough:

If you request that your transcript be sent to UofT Scarborough Registrar's Office for pick up, please note transcripts are sent by courier twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The courier usually arrives at the Registrar's Office after 3pm on those days. Student Card or other valid photo identification is required in order to pick up transcripts.

Third Party Degree Verification

Third party degree verifications can be requested through the Office of Convocation, at