Iranian immigrants, fleeing the Revolution of 1979, carried with them ritual New Year feasts along with the ancient Zoroastrian ritual of jumping over bonfires. Now in Toronto, Nowruz has become a large, at times even commercial enterprise similar to other holidays.… Read More

  When people think of Persian cuisine, vodka and kebabs are not generally the first things that come to mind. Banu offers Torontonians a unique experience of Iran before the Revolution of 1979.… Read More

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Bong, bong, bong! The noodle chef smashed the dough onto the board. Man, it was loud! I had come to Magic Noodle, a restaurant at the intersection of McNicoll and Midland in Scarborough, to try the house specialty, Lanzhou Beef Noodle, an extremely popular dish in China.… Read More

Throughout all wards of Toronto, one can find people growing food. There are more than 200 documented urban agriculture spaces including allotment gardens in Parks, Forestry & Recreation land… Read More

Just like Little Italy or Greektown, Toronto’s ‘Persian town’ is a lively centre of restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores that provide food and memories of home for migrants and exciting new cuisines for the city’s culinary adventurers.… Read More

Torontonians have held no shortage of opinions about Kensington Market, located west of Spadina Avenue between College and Dundas streets. Alternatively described as a “breeding ground for vermin,”[1] a “mecca for all who value the rare, the unique and the exotic in this too-often unexciting life,”[2] and the “most humane property in the whole city,”[3] Kensington… Read More