Whose alums are where? University Top 15 in Entrepreneurship – Canada

Whose alums are where in the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem? Whose alums are working hardest in entrepreneurship in Canada? The results are in, based on Crunchbase data.

  • 13.5% University of Waterloo
  • 11.9% University of Toronto
  • 9.9% University of British Columbia
  • 8.1% McGill University
  • 4.6% University of Western Ontario
  • 4.0% Queen’s University
  • 3.8% Simon Fraser University
  • 3.4% University of Calgary
  • 3.2% University of Victoria
  • 3.0% University of Alberta
  • 2.6% Université de Montréal
  • 2.6% Ryerson University
  • 2.4% McMaster University
  • 2.2% Dalhousie University
  • 2.0% Carlton University

These are the results of the author’s estimates based on data run on October 4, 2016. Data were pulled from Crunchbase for Canadian-based startups with headquarters in Canada, whose total equity raise was at least $50,000. Please note, startups listed in Crunchbase are often pursuing venture capital; that situation does not pertain to all startups. Total number of Canadian startups in Crunchbase that have raised $50,000 in equity or above equals 504. Are the results accurate? They are if you consider Crunchbase to be an accurate measure or proxy of the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem of North America.

Data compiled by: Gray Graffam, Director of The Hub at UTSC