Join Us


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur interested in joining The Hub, just reach out to us. Send us an email at, and we would be glad to set up a meeting.
You do not have to be an accomplished entrepreneur or someone already with a business plan in hand. We will discuss your idea with you, and help guide you through the initial steps. From there, it will depend on what it is you want to do, and how quickly you want to proceed.
We enjoy working with students and recent alumni from all disciplines, and we have successful examples of companies that have formed at The Hub from all areas: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Management.
If you have an idea that you want to get started on, we are here to help guide you.

Advisors and Collaborators

If you are someone who wants to assist in working with our young entrepreneurs, please get in touch. Send us an email at, outlining what it is that you specialize in and how it is that you would like to help. We would be glad to have your assistance and involvement in building some of the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas in Ontario and Canada.