Advisory Board

Advisory Board 2020 - 2021

The Hub has an active Advisory Board, consisting of leading scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds and key individuals with a strong background in Entrepreneurship.
The Hub’s Advisory Board meets semi-annually, and serves to advise The Hub and the Office of the VP, Research at University of Toronto Scarborough on the direction of The Hub, entrepreneurship in general, and how best for the University of Toronto Scarborough to engage in entrepreneurial activity.
George Arhonditsis
  • Professor

  • Environmental Science, UTSC
Andrew Arifuzzaman
  • Chief Administrative Officer

  • USTC
Jackie Csonka-Peeren
  • Lecturer

  • Entrepreneurship, Ryerson
Glen Drummond
  • Chief Innovation Officer

  • Quarry
Francisco Estrada
  • Associate Professor

  • Computer Science, UTSC
Armin Fischer
  • Chief Operations Officer

  • QD Solar Inc.
April Franco
  • Associate Professor

  • Management, UTSC
Jason Glover
  • President

  • UTSC Alumni Association
Hamza Khan
  • Lecturer

  • RTA School of Media, Ryerson University
Moriah Linton
  • Director

  • Business Banking and Wealth Integration, Bank of Montreal
Mary Silcox
  • Vice-Dean Graduate

  • UTSC