James & Init

Read about James Wang and his project, Init!

James (far right) with Init team

James (far right) with the Init team

  • How did Init come about?

It dates back to my work with the Scarborough Campus Chinese Club (SCCC). We held at least one event every month and we promoted through booths and Facebook. In recent years we realized that our way of marketing was getting outdated. I wanted to create an app that connects the students on campus while helping clubs market and manage their events.

Most students say that they only participate in four events every year, and most of them want to participate in more. Students say they can’t find events they’re interested in but when I show them their options they are surprised because they are unaware of so many events.

When I found out about The Hub I entered the 2013 AppStar competition where we came in second place. We then decided to combine projects with the first place winners to create Init.

  • What was your motivation for creating Init?

The reason we created Init was because we believe students should not just spend time going in and out of classrooms. Instead they should get hands on experience and bring their ideas to life!

  • What are some features of Init?

Init is a platform for student organizations to manage their events, and enables users to customize profiles, manage a calendar of events, and follow newsfeed.

It also lets students store membership cards and event tickets on their phone. We are working to collaborate with student groups at UTSC. We hope to eventually integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook so that students will be able to get all their updates through the Init app.

  • Tell me about your experience at The Hub:

I see The Hub as a great place for people to share and come up with different ideas. Students can bring their ideas to life through a project! I’ve met a bunch of people from different departments and there are more and more new faces here.

  • Why is innovation important?

Innovation is important because it improves people’s lives. I believe that if you want to earn a fortune for yourself, you need to be able to improve other people’s lives first. Lots of people think it’s the other way around where you need to earn money for yourself before you can help others, but if you don’t have the ability to help others, you don’t have the ability to earn a fortune.