Profile of the Week: James Wang and Arthur Ng

This week’s profile features two individuals working an app to revolutionize campus life at UTSC. James Wang is a management student specializing in accounting and Arthur Ng is a double major in psychology and economics.

How did you find out about The Hub?

We heard about The Hub through the Appstar competition, the year before we joined.

How would you describe The Hub for those who don’t know what it is?

A great place that not many people know of. There aren’t many places on campus where students can put their ideas together. Many students focus too much on academics but its good to also get practical experience and The Hub is a good place to get those opportunities. We’d recommend them to leave the door open though!

What project are you working on?

We’re trying to develop an app to improve campus life. We want students to explore the excitement here at UTSC. Our app will help students stay on top of what’s going on, on campus. It will also help them find opportunities to get involved on campus. We think the school has a hard time reaching students.

What influenced you to want to create this project?

The lack of school spirit on campus because a lot of students miss out on events. By creating an app that creates better community, advertisement and promotion, fewer students will miss out on the events that take place on campus.

Why do you feel people need this? How do you see this project as different to what is already out there?

The BlackBoard app is academic based where as out app will be based on events. Users can personalize their settings so they get events that they want to get. Instead of the system choosing your information, you can control what information comes to you. Our app will be short messaged based because we know students don’t read paragraphs of text.

How has The Hub allowed you to develop this project?

It’s helped A LOT! It’s an awesome place to be. At first it was Arthur and I and we don’t have a computing background. So we had to find someone to help us develop the app. Once we heard about The Hub we knew this is where we would find that someone and we did.  We couldn’t have started without The Hub.

What advice would you give to individuals who have ideas they want to work on but don’t know where to start?

There’s always somewhere to start. As long as you try to find a way you will find the resources. Stop thinking about the negative and just try. If you don’t physically try you won’t see any results. Always start small, don’t think too far ahead. Someone else told us “just be confident because once you’re confident you can find what you need and people will only work with you if they see confidence in you”.



If you think you have the confidence to create a new project that many individuals can benefit from or want to see that others are working on and join another project? Visit The Hub’s weekly meet-and-greet info sessions on Wednesdays 3:30-4:30.