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First-year academics

Brush up on academic skills through introductory courses we offer, find information specific to your admission category, and get accessibility support.

Academic support

Academic support

Take advantage of our learning resources to prepare for your first-year courses! Programming includes:

Building your program

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Watch this video to learn all about program selection at U of T Scarborough. What's your tomorrow?

After first year, you will officially select your program. You will build your degree with one of the following:

  • one Specialist
  • two Majors (commonly referred to as a Double Major)
  • one Major and two Minors

If you are interested in pursuing a specialist in Conservation & Biodiversity, Human Biology, Integrative Biology, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, or Neuroscience after first year, these specialist programs require the prerequisite of Grade 12 U Math Calculus & Vectors (or equivalent).

If you were admitted to Life Sciences without the Calculus & Vectors prerequisite and want to pursue a specialization after first year, you may complete the requirement before starting at U of T Scarborough or during your first year of studies:

  • If you choose to complete the prerequisite before September, you can consider signing up for an online or summer course.
  • U of T Scarborough also offers an Online Math Preparedness course each summer, which will satisfy the math prerequisite.

If you don't complete the Calculus & Vectors prerequisite, please know that you are still eligible for this admission category and for all of the majors and minors within Life Sciences.

The Co-op Psychology & Health Studies admission category includes recommended prerequisites:

  • Grade 12 U Biology
  • Grade 12 U Math (Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors, Mathematics of Data Management, or equivalent)

These prerequisites must be completed to continue in Mental Health Studies or Psychology after first year. Students who are admitted without one or both prerequisites may complete the requirements during first year, either by enrolling in an equivalent high school course off-campus, or by taking the equivalent U of T Scarborough courses: Introduction to the Biology of Humans (BIOA11H3) and the Online Math Preparedness course. Please note that the equivalent U of T Scarborough courses may have enrolment limits and may not be offered every term. BIOA11H3 is typically offered in the fall term. The Online Math Preparedness course is typically offered in August.

If you don't complete one or both of the recommended prerequisites, please know that you are still eligible for this admission category and for all the other program options within Psychology & Health Studies.

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