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Alternate offers of admission

Congratulations on your offer of admission! We are excited to welcome you to U of T Scarborough. We offer over 250 programs, giving you amazing options to define your academic path. Read on to find out more about your alternate offer of admission.

Why you received an alternate offer

Your alternate offer is usually for the next closest program or admission category where you meet all the admission criteria. 

You may have received an alternate offer due to::

  • Having an overall average and/or prerequisite course grades below the minimum requirements for the admission category you applied to. 
  • Missing one or more prerequisites. 
  • Having a low Supplementary Application Form (SAF) or interview score (where required). 
  • Incomplete SAF submission (if required). 

We want you to become part of the U of T Scarborough community. Let’s consider what that may look like. 

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Your First Year

Your First Year

First year offers you and all incoming students the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses and discover what is most interesting to you. Students at U of T Scarborough can try out different subject areas before proceeding into their specialization, major and/or minor in second year. Every course you take counts towards your U of T degree!  

You’re not in this alone! Our staff in the Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC) are here to support you with course selection and planning. You’ll meet them beginning in June when you attend our Get Started academic orientation. 

Opportunities with an alternate offer

With your offer, you can still take courses in your original subject of interest. Consider this: 

  • You will have access to the same types of first-year courses as you would have with your original admission category. 
  • Students in Arts and Science programs can take Management courses and pursue a minor in areas like Economics for Management Studies or Global Leadership.
  • For many professional programs like law or medical school, there is no prescribed undergraduate degree needed. Many programs are looking for students who have taken a wide variety of courses and are passionate about what they’ve studied. You’ll be able to take any required prerequisites for your desired professional program during your time at U of T Scarborough. Start researching professional programs – you may be surprised! 
  • There is no delay with your graduation because all your first-year courses count towards your degree. 

Visit the Program Pathways page for more information about:  

  • Courses you’ll take in various programs of study at U of T Scarborough
  • Career opportunities 
  • Further education options like professional or graduate programs 
  • Skills and competencies you’ll gain in your program(s) of study 

You may be eligible for admission to your original program of interest at the end of your first year if: 

  • You complete any missing high school prerequisites the summer before your first year of university so that you can take first-year courses required in your preferred program. 
  • You take the required first-year course prerequisites and meet grade requirements. 
  • You meet all program eligibility requirements. 
  • There is space available, and you apply by posted deadlines. 

Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics

These are some of our most competitive and in-demand admission categories. If you are interested in pursuing any of these studies but were admitted to a different admission category, read the information sheet that applies to you to learn how you may enter that program later, and other options available to you. 

Applying for co-op while at U of T Scarborough

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If you applied to a co-op program but received an alternate offer to the non-co-op option, you still have an opportunity to apply to co-op after first year. 
Your first year will be very similar to students who have been admitted to co-op since you all have access to the same courses. If you meet the grade requirements and spots are available, you can then enrol in the co-op option starting in second year. 


If you are on the waitlist for the program you originally applied to, visit the Waitlist web page for further information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Waitlist information and frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Contact us

An Admissions & Student Recruitment team member would be happy to connect with you and answer your questions about your offer of admission. Let's chat about your academic and career aspirations, how you can achieve your goals at U of T Scarborough, your transition to university studies, what to look forward to as a student, and anything else that's on your mind. 

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