Music, Industry, Technology Overview

man behind audio booth introducing the Music Program

The Specialist (Joint) program in Music Industry and Technology is a 4-year, undergraduate Joint program that will allow students to earn an Honours Bachelor of Arts (H.B.A.) degree from the University of Toronto and an Ontario College Certificate in Music Business and Technology from Centennial College. The Specialist (Joint) program in Music Industry and Technology aims to provide students with long-term career preparation by offering practical, career-oriented courses in music business and technology, as well as an opportunity to make industry connections. This program offers a broad-based education and career ready skills, enabling students to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of music, business, and technology.

This program has limited enrollment. In addition to meeting the 2.0 CGPA requirement, applicants must complete a joint program application form, which will be made available on ACM website closer to the enrollment timeline.


For more information about entry requirements and application procedures, contact Admissions and Student Recruitment at:

For more information about Program content and courses, contact the Program Manager at U of T Scarborough: