Programs Overview

Group photo of HCS Emerging Scholars Award Recipients

At U of T Scarborough, the programs of the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies are organized into distinct disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas of study. Students may concentrate in Classical Studies, Global Asia Studies, History, and Women's and Gender Studies.

We view the study of social and cultural phenomena as a key element of humanities education in general, and as a vital part of UTSC’s commitment to liberal arts education that promotes issues of social equity and justice in particular.

Some of our shared questions include: the movement of peoples, goods, and ideas; the social construction of difference; gender, racial and economic inequality and movements for change; cultural, religious, and political expression; identity formation; cultural interaction; urban and rural life, work, and environments; and empire, neocolonialism, and postcolonialism.

We approach these questions from the perspective of distinct disciplines that have long been in conversation with one another. In addition to providing students with deep grounding in one or more disciplinary traditions, the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies also fosters multidisciplinary research at all levels.