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Gypsum wall panel showing the monster Anzu facing left and the god Ninurta
  • Everyday Orientalism
  • Author: Katherine Blouin
  • Co-Author: Usama Ali Gad and Rachel Mairs
  • Year:
  • Topic: Blogs
Colourful chalk outline drawing of the Toronto skyline
  • Feeding City
  • Author: Jayeeta Sharma
  • Year:
  • Topic: Faculty projects
Cover of The Cambridge History of America and the World Volume II
Winter 2021 cover for Gastronomica
Collage of UTSC locations and significant people and items
  • History of UTSC
  • Author: Christine Berkowitz
  • Year:
  • Topic: Faculty projects
Black text on a grey background -- Katoptron: Ancient History Blog & Podcast
  • Katoptron
  • Author: CLAB05H3/HISB10H3 students from Fall 2020
  • Year:
  • Topic: Student projects
Cover of Asiatische Studien Etudes Asiatiques
Book cover of Rehearsals for Living
  • Rehearsals for Living
  • Author: Robyn Maynard
  • Co-Author: Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
  • Year:
  • Topic: Books/book chapters
A portion of Maria Bacchus's drawing “How the West Wants you to See the World”
Image of a dragoman
Book cover of The Dragoman Renaissance
Book cover of The Time of Enlightenment
Summer 2021 Cover of Gastronomica
Black text on a light blue background -- Welcome to Your Living Myth: Innovation and Tradition: Classical Myth Reimagined
  • Your Living Myth
  • Author: CLAA06H3 students from Winter 2021
  • Year:
  • Topic: Student projects
Book cover of Droughts, Floods, and Global Climatic Anomalies in the Indian Ocean World