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Welcome to the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies!

Individually and combined, the five academic programs that comprise HCS — Classical Studies, Food Studies, Global Asia Studies, History, and Women's and Gender Studies – offer a critical lens on the processes that shape our world, situating them in multiple global and local contexts. Our programs equip students with a range of skills such as critical thinking, oral and written communication, collaboration, and research and analytical skills, that will prepare them to be successful in a variety of fields including law and public policy, government, education, community and social services, communications, business, management and much more.

We invite you to discover and learn more about our fascinating programs and courses, and to get in touch if you have any questions.

Welcome from the Chair

Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the 2021-2022 academic year in the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies (commonly called “HCS”)
HCS is home to a vibrant intellectual and knowledge community of 5 programs – Classical Studies, Food Studies, Global Asia Studies, History, and Women’s & Gender Studies. You’re invited and encouraged to take courses in any or all programs. There are a number of new and exciting courses that have been added this year, including: CLAC02H3 Selected Topics in Classical Civilization - Topic: Indigeneity and the Classics; WSTB09H3 Gender, Race, and Colonialism; CLAC94H3/HISC94H3 The Bible and the Qur’an. You can check out all our new and special topics courses at:
All HCS programs offer a critical lens on the processes that have and continue to shape our world. Throughout our curriculum and in our co-curricular activities we share a strong commitment to confronting racism, sexism, trans and homophobia, colonialism and Islamophobia. As one of our professors accurately describes: our classes are spaces for exchanging information, asking important questions, figuring things out, and supporting one another.
No one could have imagined that the pandemic would have such a huge impact on so many aspects of our lives for so long.  We would all much rather be teaching and learning in-person. One of the things we’ve all learned over the past year is how stressful life during the pandemic can be. Faculty, instructors and staff are committed to supporting your learning, and your well-being. We are passionate about our research and bring our creativity and enthusiasm to the class, whether in- person or virtually. You can read about our faculty here:
Our approach in the department is to be compassionate, understanding, and flexible as much as possible. In addition to the academic advising we offer, there are many campus services through the Health & Wellness Centre that can support and guide you.
We look forward to working with you and building a vibrant HCS community. Be sure to sign up to receive the weekly newsletter we send out every Friday afternoon –it has all sorts of information about upcoming events, activities, opportunities, and resources. You can also also follow us on Instagram @utschcs. Let’s stay connected while physically apart!
I wish you the very best for the coming year.
Connie Guberman
Acting Chair, HCS