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Co-op FAQs for students during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Updates

Is the Arts & Science Co-op office still open?

Yes, we're open and, as always, are ready to help. Our department is working remotely in support of the University of Toronto’s efforts to slow the transmission of COVID-19, but we're still available to support the Arts & Science Co-op community.
You can continue to reach our team by phone and email; we will respond to your questions and needs in a timely manner:

Where can I find the most up-to-date information about the University of Toronto’s response to COVID-19?

For more information about the University of Toronto Scarborough's response to COVID-19 and what you can expect this fall, visit UTogether, UTSC's COVID-19 information hub


All co-op students

Will my co-op courses continue?

Yes. We'll continue to offer lectures and discussion during class time through Quercus. Specific details on timing and method of delivery are available on Course Timetable website. The Co-op courses are being offered in live online sessions facilitated by a Coordinator or through pre-recorded material.

Experiencing connection issues?

Information on how to access essential student IT resources and technical support can be found at

Emergency funding

In financial need as a result of COVID-19?

The University is offering an Emergency Undergraduate Grant designed to help domestic and international students who have been impacted by the coronavirus. If you need immediate short-term financial relief because of unexpected expenses, please consider applying.

Feeling stressed or anxious?

Campus Health & Wellness support:

UTSC's Health & Wellness office offers phone appointments for counselling, nursing, and doctors appointments, and more. Visit their website for more information »

Looking for specific information or support around a specific issues? Check out Health & Wellness' list of on & off-campus mental health services & resources for UTSC students »

My SSP (My Student Support Program) provides U of T students with immediate, confidential 24-hour support for any school, health, or general life concern ... for free. Call or chat with a counsellor directly from your phone whenever, wherever you are. More about My SSP »

Will the new grading guidelines for Winter 2020 CR/NCR affect my admission to a co-op subject POSt?

If you choose this option, CR will appear on your academic record. However, the actual percentage grade earned in those courses will be used by the Computer and Mathematical Sciences and Psychology departments to assess your admission to co-op subject POSts within those program areas. Learn more about how in this memo from the Registrar »

Since all co-op programs are limited enrollment programs, we'll continue to review your eligibility based on your cGPA. Learn more about how your cGPA affects your status in co-op »

Will a CR/NCR for a work term prerequisite or program prerequisite impact my ability to go on work term?

If you choose to declare CR/NCR for a work term prerequisite and receive CR for the course, this will be considered as successful completion of the course and your work term prerequisites will be considered as satisfied. You'll be able to continue with your work term as planned.  

If you choose to declare CR/NCR but receive NCR for a program requirement that is also a work term prerequisite, this will be considered as not having completed the pre-work term requirements. Your work term will be rescheduled.  


What if a course I need for my work term is no longer offered in the current or upcoming term?

We're working with each academic department to determine if exceptions will be granted for work term prerequisites based on updated summer course offerings.

Work term prerequisites are in place to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully compete for and work in a co-op position. You should keep in mind that the types of co-op roles you will be able to compete for will be different if you're missing a pre-work term requirement. 

For example: if you haven't completed BIOB12 or the lab component of a course such as CHMB42, your ability to compete for lab related roles will depend on your ability to draw from other experiences from previous volunteer or work experience. 

Will I automatically be resequenced if I don't secure a work term?

We know securing a co-op work term in today’s environment has additional challenges. Your Work Term Engagement Coordinator is here to support you throughout the process. If you're unsuccessful in securing a work term, you'll automatically have your sequence updated to put you into the next seeking semester.  

For example, if you're seeking for Fall 2020 and don't secure a work term, you will automatically be moved to Winter 2021. Learn more on our web page about resequencing »


I want to delay my upcoming co-op job search. How can I go about changing my work term sequence?

We understand that life is unexpected right now. If you'd like to change your work term sequence, we're happy to accommodate your request. Learn more about possible impacts of changing your work term sequence »

Scheduled for a work term for Winter 2021? 

If your work term work term is scheduled for a Winter 2021, you will have a chance to request a change to your sequence in early September. 

Scheduled for a work term later than Winter 2021? 

Complete the Request to Resequence Form and submit it to by October 31, 2020. 







Seeking students

Should I still submit applications for a work term?

Yes, absolutely continue to apply! We expect that you'll continue to seek work terms as scheduled, and CSM will remain available for all of your seeking and scheduling needs. For students seeking a Fall 2020 work term, flexible work term options are available (link to the flexible work term page). If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Work Term Engagement Coordinator.

How will interviews happen?

We're anticipating that most interviews will be conducted either by phone or virtually. We'll continue supporting our students and employer partners in arranging interviews.

How can I book a coaching appointment?

You can continue to book coaching appointments with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator or the Co-op Success/Program Coordinator using CSM. You will now have an option to select the method of the meeting: Phone or Virtual. Simply follow the same instructions to book an appointment, but please also specify your preferred method and provide your contact information.

Should I sign up for courses for the Fall/Winter term?

If you’re seeking for a Fall 2020 work term — or have secured a Fall 2020 work term but their start date or hiring status is uncertain — can sign up for courses for the Fall/Winter semester.

The majority of courses for the Fall semester are being delivered online. If you secure a work term that has a later start date, the online course(s) can likely be completed during evening and weekend hours so that it does not interfere with your work term. Please consider carefully what workload is reasonable for you. 

For example: if you secure a work term and it starts in October, completing multiple courses that run for the full semester (until December) or during your whole work term could prove much more challenging. We want you to have every opportunity, if you’d like, to take courses while seeking for your Fall work term and we’re happy to work with your employer to explain that you’re finishing up online courses during off-hours.


When should I drop my courses if I secure a work term?

You may not have to drop your courses once you secure a work term. If you would like to complete your courses while working, please discuss your course load and how you can manage this while on work term with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator. If you’d like to drop courses once your work term is secured, please continue to follow the process outlined on the co-op website.

Currently on a work term

Who can I reach out to if I need help or support?

As always, there's 2 options available: you can connect with other working students in your Quercus "on-work-term course", or you can connect directly with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator by email, by phone, or through Quercus. 

What should I do if my supervisor asks me to work in the office rather than from home?

Please follow the direction of your supervisor. If you have any concerns about the request or the arrangement, please discuss them with your supervisor—or, if you’d prefer—check in with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator.

How can I have a successful work term when I'm working from home?

Your Work Term Engagement Coordinator will put some resources onto Quercus for you. You're also most welcome to reach out to discuss your specific situation. 

When should I expect a site visit for my current work term?

Our Business Development Coordinators are getting in touch with your supervisor to arrange the site visit. It may be scheduled as a phone or Skype meeting instead of in-person. You'll be informed when the meeting has been scheduled.
In the meantime, your mid-term evaluation process remains the same. Please be sure to complete your mid-term self-assessment and have a mid-term evaluation conversation with your supervisor.

Do I still need to complete my work term project?

Yes; please continue to work on your project to meet the project deadline. Any projects that require an in-person presentation may be postponed or completed in another format, but we will notify you of any adjustments by in your on work term course shell in Quercus.

What's my work term project?

Each program has work term project guidelines and criteria. To learn more about what your work term project includes, visit your Assignment page in your "on-work term" course in Quercus. Please review these carefully and if you have any questions, contact your Co-op Program Supervisor.

Cancelled work term? Funding may be available!

Many students are not eligible for unemployment benefits because they tend not to work enough hours during the school year to qualify. The new Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) – the flat $2000/month benefit to supplement Employment Insurance – may be available to some students. Learn more »

Students starting a work term in September

How will I know if there are changes to my work term due to COVID-19?

We anticipate that your employer will be in touch if there are any updates before you're scheduled to start your work term. If you have any specific concerns or your employer contacts you with updates, please contact your Work Term Engagement Coordinator to discuss.

Will I be working remotely this fall?

Possibly. Many organizations are asking their staff, including co-op students, to work remotely to help slow the transmission of COVID-19. We support these decisions and are available to provide students and employers with resources and support so that you can have a successful work term - whether you're working on-site or not.