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Current Student? Share Your Feedback.

We always appreciate your ideas.

There are several ways for you to share your thoughts with us each semester including speaking with your Student Development Coordinators and Work Term Engagement Coordinators in class and during office hours. However, we recognize that students may want to provide feedback in other ways as well. 

As one option, we have created this form as an additional medium to share your thoughts with us. 

Share Your Feedback

What will we do with your feedback?

Your responses will be reviewed by the Arts & Science Co-op Management Team on a regular basis. Any trends shared beyond the Management Team will be anonymously aggregated and distributed, and may be used to inform our decisions in the future.

From time to time, we may contact respondents to learn more about their feedback. If you consent to being contacted – or would like to specifically request that we contact you – please share your name and information within the form. Prefer to share your feedback anonymously instead? No problem – just choose that option towards the end of the form to submit your feedback without any identifying information.

If you prefer to interact with a specific staff member on the Student Services Team, as always, please connect with them directly:

  • during your in-class hours
  • by phone or email, or
  • during coaching hours