Fireside Chat with Chef Robert Rainford

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Donovan Dill interviews Chef Robert Rainford.

About this event

Who knows where talent comes from? Is it nature or nurture, innate or learned? For Chef Robert L Rainford it is probably a combination of the above. He has always loved food. As a child, it gave him great comfort and as an adult it fills him with great curiosity “I always thought it was a mystery how food got to taste like it did, both good and maybe not so good sometimes”.

Successful host of the “Licence To Grill” television show seen around the world, Recipe to Riches on CBC, former Chef instructor at famed George Brown College his alma mater, Cookbook author of Born To Grill and motivational speaker, Chef Robert L Rainford feels he is just beginning to hit his stride and is very thankful for the opportunity to share in his experiences with the mystery that is food.

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