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The National Dialogues and Action are a series of national forums focused on addressing equity and inclusion in Canadian post-secondary education. This initiative, involving a series of biennial conferences, connects participants from across the Canadian higher education landscape and subject matter experts to discuss the multitude of equity and inclusion issues that exist within the higher education sector and directly affect the members of our communities.


These national conversations explore the barriers to learning and working in the post-secondary education sector. More importantly, they also facilitate the co-creation of solutions that provide an inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff to fully participate in the life of their institutions, to flourish, and to feel a meaningful sense of belonging.

Our institutions have a critical role to play in addressing the disparities that we know are experienced by equity-deserving groups and these important deliberations allow for a collective sharing of experiences and ideas, exploring and learning best practices, and contributing to the formulation and implementation of concrete actions within individual universities and colleges, the higher education sector, in general, and our communities.  

Through engagement with a large cross-section of peers from across the country, participants in the National Dialogues and Action gain a wealth of strategies, actions, and accountability mechanisms that they can adopt and implement, as appropriate and necessary for their particular contexts. As we work together and do our part as individuals, institutions, and a sector, we can create a truly inclusive environment for all those who work and learn in post-secondary spaces across the country.