About the National Dialogues and Action

National Dialogues and Action for Inclusive Higher Education and Communities wordmark

The University of Toronto and Canadian universities and colleges across the country came together to facilitate a national conversation to develop concrete actions for change in higher education and in our communities.

The National Dialogues are a series of national forums focused on addressing equity and inclusion in Canadian post-secondary education. The first in the series was a National Dialogue that focused on anti-Black racism and Black inclusion in Canadian higher education. The virtual dialogues took place on Thursday, October 1 and Friday, October 2, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. (ET), 2020.

The 2020 Dialogues and Action focused on sharing experiences and ideas, exploring and learning best practices, and contributing to the formulation and implementation of concrete actions to resolutely reject anti-Black racism and drive meaningful, enduring Black inclusion within individual universities and colleges, the higher education sector, in general, and our communities.

Participants had the opportunity to choose from amongst nine interactive online dialogues with panelists from academia and beyond to address student, faculty, and staff access and success; inclusive teaching, learning and curricula; inclusive decision-making structures; responsibilities and obligations of non-black peers; mentorship and more. The concurrent dialogues explored the relevant issues considering the diverse and intersecting identities within the Black community.

The first day of the Dialogues focused on systemic anti-Black racism, key barriers to Black inclusion & approaches to identifying and responding to them, while the second day focused on developing concrete actions and accountability mechanisms for structural and systemic change.

The outcome of the deliberations will inform the co-creation of the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education: Principles, Actions, and Accountabilities, which will support the implementation of the actions identified, and help to sustain an enduring culture against anti-Black racism and in support of Black inclusion in the Canadian higher education sector.