Steven Farber

Steven Farber
Associate Professor
Building HL 514

I am a transportation geographer and spatial analyst. My research investigates the social and economic outcomes of transportation and land use decision making in urban areas.  I am currently working on projects related to the distributional aspects of transit accessibility, personal mobility, and participation in the activities of daily life. I have authored more than 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, am on the editorial board of three international geography and transportation journals, and I chair the Social and Economic Factors Committee at the Transportation Research Board, one of the US National Academies of Science.

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Teaching Interests

Undergrad Courses:

  • GGRC42 – Applied Multivariate Analysis 
  • GGRC12 - Transportation Geography
Graduate Seminar:
  • JPG1554 – Transportation and Urban Form (Spring)

Research Interests

  • transport geography
  • spatial analysis
  • accessibility
  • public transportation
  • equity and inclusion
  • Geographic Information Science

Awards and Grants

2017-2021        Steven Farber (Co-Applicant), Michael Widener (Principal Applicant), et al.  Time, Geography, and Food: How time use, socio-spatial context, transportation options, and personal economics affect access to food in cities. SSHRC Insight.

2017-2022        Steven Farber. Accessibility and Participation: The Role of Transportation in Activity Making. Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science.

2016-2017        Steven Farber, Beth Savan, Nancy Smith-Lea (PI). Economic Impact Study for the Bloor Street West Bike Lane Pilot Project. Research contract for City of Toronto, Metcalf Foundation, Bloor-Annex BIA, Koreatown BIA.

2016-2017        Steven Farber (Principal Applicant), Michael Widener (Co-Application), Bruce Newbold (Co-Applicant). The Transportation Barriers to Refugee Participation and Settlement in Durham Region. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

2016-2018        Steven Farber, Zachary Taylor (Principal Applicant), et al. Place and Politics: Neighbourhood Effects and Political Behaviour in Canadian Cities. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

2016-2018           Steven Farber (Co-Applicant), Zachary Patterson (Principal Applicant), et al. The DataMobile Partnership: An Open Platform for Spatialized Data Collection and Analysis. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.


Selected publications: 


Moniruzzaman, M. & S. Farber. “What drives sustainable student travel? Mode choice determinants in the Greater Toronto Area”. Journal of Sustainable Transportation. (Accepted).

Howell, N., Farber, S., Widener, M., & G. Booth.  “Residential or activity space walkability: What drives transportation physical activity?”. Journal of Transport and Health. (Accepted).

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Liao, H. and S. Farber. “Compact Development and Preference Heterogeneity in Residential Location Choice Behavior: A Latent Class Analysis.” Urban Studies52(2), 314-337.


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