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There's a lot going on with the Department of Human Geography at UTSC. Check out our news and events listings below to stay up to date on what's happening on campus.

UofT Cities podcast series, featuring Professor Taylor

UofT News is featuring a four-part series of podcasts exploring topical issues in geography, architecture, engineering and more. Our Department’s very own Professor Zack Taylor hosts part-three of the mini-series, where he talks about the politics of traffic. 

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Geographic Information Science

Geographical Information Science is a multidisciplinary inquiry into the effective use of geographic data, systems, and methods to inform decision-making concerning diverse aspects of human interactions with each other and with the environment.

Obtaining “youth-friendly” designation for East Scarborough

Since 2012, Professor Allahwala and students of the Department of Human Geography have been working to acquire "youth-friendly" designation for East Scarborough, as part of Play Works' Youth Friendly Communities program. Read about their dedicated efforts. 

20 years of freedom in south africa

20 years of freedom in South Africa: A reflection

You are invited to attend a symposium at UTSC, “20 Years of Freedom in South Africa” from May 1 -2, 2014, hosted by Thembela Kepe, Department of Geography UofT, Centre for Critical Development Studies UTSC, Bettina Von Lieres, Centre for Critical Development Studies UTSC, Melissa Levin, African Studies New College and Department of Political Science UofT. 

Professor Hunter to speak at New Frontiers Seminar Series, March 7 2014

In the early 1990s ‘white’ South African schools began to admit ‘black’ pupils. Dr. Hunter will speak at the New Frontiers Seminar Series to address why white parents voted for schooling desegregation. And, why intense competition emerged between schools and become so focused on improving sports results. Come join us on March 7 2014!

Get to know Benjamin Potruff, Program Advisor

Benjamin Potruff is the Program Advisor for Geography and City Studies at UTSC. He is glad to advise students on a variety of academic program issues, so if anyone has trouble navigating their way around requirements and schedules, Benjamin is the man.

Newsletter No. 1 (December 2013)

Welcome to the first issue of the Department of Human Geography’s newsletter! Read the latest in upcoming events & announcements, faculty in the news, and students & community news.

Professor Han discusses student diversity in UTSC Commons

Geography Professor Ju Hui Judy Han joins sociology Department of Sociology Chair Patricia Landolt in discussing how the diversity of students’ global experiences enriches the classroom. Their discussion is featured in UTSC Commons. (Photo credit: Ken Jones). 

Oral history project uncovers stories of Scarborough

In the fall semester, City Studies students partnered with students from Women’s and Gender Studies and History to uncover the stories of Scarborough. The course was offered through partnerships with the Scarborough Museum, the East Scarborough Storefront, the Toronto Public Library (Morningside Branch) and Women’s Place.

On the Move: Call for submissions

On the Move is currently accepting applications for issue #2, to be published in Spring 2014. The new extended deadline is 12:00 pm (noon) on December 20, 2013. All interested student writers are invited to apply online at

Toronto map showing voter distribution between Ford and Smitherman

Professor Taylor discusses Ford Nation

Toronto city council has ground to a standstill as scandal-plagued Toronto Mayor Rob Ford makes world-wide headlines. Professor Zack Taylor examined the city's political gridlock, which goes beyond Ford's mayoralty, as part of a long-term research project on the political geography of the amalgamated city. Watch Professor Taylor discuss Ford Nation on "The Agenda" on TVO. 

Lecture series 2013-2014

The department is hosting a year-long lecture series to provide you an opportunity to hear about geography practices and case-studies from around the globe. Read more to learn about our past and upcoming speakers. 

Zack Taylor

Can Detroit rise again?

A Q&A with city studies researcher Zack Taylor on what happens when cities go bankrupt.

August 12th, 2013
Jenny Hall