Academic Support

Writing at U of T

The University of Toronto provides a number of resources for learning academic writing to assist students with assignments and reports for their classes. Students are encouraged to plan ahead, start early with their coursework and meet with their TAs and course instructors for clarification and questions regarding term work. The Writing Centre at UTSC has developed an online tool to assist students plan ahead with the assignment calculator which can be found here

Some general advice for academic writing can be found here

Study Skills

Achieving success in your courses requires a good foundation of study skills that includes, but is not limited to, excellent time management, test taking skills and efficient reading of course materials. UTSC has a variety of workshops and counselling provided by the Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC). We encourage students to attend these workshops to help you prepare for your studies here at UTSC.

Please visit the online AA&CC Calendar for a full list of workshops available this term.

UTSC Library

The library at UTSC provides a wide variety of services to students with research assistance either in person, by email, chat service, or by phone. With a network of more than 40 libraries across three campuses students have access over 10 million volumes.

Math and Statistics Learning Centre

As part of completing the quantitative methods requirement for our program, students can seek assistance with their statistics course at the Math and Statistics Learning Centre (MSLC). The centre provides free seminars, workshops, virtual tutoring, individual appointments, and small-group consultations to improve students’ proficiency in various subjects of mathematics and statistics. For more information regarding their services, please click here