Getting Involved

GCSA Pinery Camping Trip

We encourage all of our students within the Department of Human Geography to get involved in clubs and organizations available on campus as part of your undergraduate experience. These opportunities can help build lasting friendships and connections that can become an important part of your time at UTSC and long after your studies. With over 150 clubs and organizations available across three campuses, created by students, there are a lot to choose from, with a great variation of fields of interest. For a complete list of clubs at the University of Toronto Scarborough please click here.

For some of the most popular clubs on campus for our students, please see the list below:

GCSA Geography and City Studies Student Association
The Geography and City Studies Student Association is a departmental association representing all City Studies, Geography, and GIS students. We work to democratically represent all students, and provide events and opportunities that are beneficial for their academic and career development.
Please visit the GCSA website for more information

University of Toronto Model Parliament (UTMP)
Each year UTMP holds a conference on the current problems of the day through a meaningful political discussion on provincial and or federal politics. The conference is held annually at either the Federal House of Commons, or the Provincial Legislature, with committee meetings happening throughout The University of Toronto St. George Campus. Through experiencing UTMP, delegates will achieve a more nuanced understanding of the political processes that are needed to legitimize government policy and law; as well as knowledge about the different sides of the debate around contentious issues in a pan-Canadian context; and skills such as effective public speaking and diplomacy between rival partisan interests.
If you would like more information please visit UTMP

Co-op Students’ Association
The CSA is a student association designed around organizing and implementing events, providing all necessary resources and acting as a unified voice on behalf of all Co-op students at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  If you are a Co-op Student and would like more information, please visit the CSA.