Google Developer Student Club (GDSC)

Google Developer Student Club (GDSC)

Who are we? 

Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) is a student association backed by Google at UTSC.

What's our goal? 

Our goal is to empower undergraduate students from any background to GROW their knowledge in technology, UNITE with like-minded peers of the Google community, and IMPACT their community by building solutions for real-world problems.

What do we do? 

We embody this mission by providing Google Developer workshops to boost technical knowledge, bringing industry experts for insights and networking, facilitating practical learning with hands-on projects, forging partnerships with UofT’s tri-campus clubs to unite our community, and ensuring continuous learning with year-round events & activities.

Contact us

Follow us on Instagram at @gdscutsc and send a message there! Alternatively, you can email

Or visit us online!

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