Co-op Experience

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UTSC offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a Co-op option allowing CMS students to graduate with a minimum of 12 months of work experience. Co-op education alternates work and study terms to provide a well-rounded education where students take the skills and knowledge learned during their first year and apply them in real world settings. This allows students to better prepare for the world of work after their graduation. Students learn valuable skills such as how to work and communicate on a professional team. Plus they'll also use their knowledge to solve real problems and gain practical experience working in companies in Toronto, across Canada, and around the world.

Why consider adding a Co-op to your degree?

There are many reasons to add Co-op experience to your degree such as:

  • Co-op students report a starting salary 12% higher than their peers after graduation
  • Students enjoy a minimum of 12 months of paid work experience – this can be three 4 month experiences, a 4 month and 8 month experience, or one 12 month experience
  • All students receive training, coaching and support from a team of coordinators throughout their time in the program
  • Co-op prepares students for what working in the various industries in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics related roles is like after graduation