Prospective Students

Considering getting a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics? UTSC offers exciting programs that allow you to tailor your degree to study what interests you most. From declaring a Major to becoming a Specialist in one of our many program streams, you can choose the academic path that fits you, and your future career goals, best.

Students accepted to the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences will be admitted to one of the three programs as your admission category. During first year, you'll take a number of pre-selected courses that will prepare you to advance within your program.

When you choose to become a U of T student, you're embarking on one of the best educational experiences in the country. Learn more about U of T's Global Rankings here or see some highlights below.

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Sample First Year Courses

Your first year will be filled with foundational courses that will give you a solid understanding of your field before allowing you to become more specialized in your second year. Courses you may be introduced to include:

  • Introduction to Computer Science I & II​
  • Discrete Mathematics​
  • Calculus I & II for Mathematical Sciences​
  • Linear Algebra I for Mathematical Sciences

Learn more about first year Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics courses here.

Advancing into Second Year

If you achieve the minimum grade requirements in your first year, you'll be able to move on to a Major or Specialist program in your second year. Please note, if you fail to meet these requirements, unfortunately you will not be able to continue in your subject area and will need to switch to another discipline. Always check your program requirements throughout the year so you know exactly what grades you’ll need in which courses so as not to derail your progression.

Learn more about the requirements for the Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics programs here.

Those who successfully meet requirements and wish to specialize further can apply to one of our engaging streams or continue in their programs as a Major.

To learn more about applying to the CMS program from high school, please click here for guidance on the application process.


CMS Program Streams Offered in Second Year

  • Comprehensive Stream
  • Entrepreneurship Stream
  • Information Systems Stream
  • Software Engineering Stream
  • Comprehensive Stream
  • Statistics Stream
  • Teaching Stream
  • Applied Statics Stream
  • Statistics

    • Quantitative Finance Stream
    • Statistics Machine Learning & Data Science Stream

Sample Topics Covered in Second Year and Beyond

  • Artificial intelligence​
  • Computer graphics​
  • Programming
  • Linear and non-linear models
  • Database management
  • Machine learning
  • Software design
  • Data mining
  • Differential equations​
  • Groups and symmetry ​
  • Cryptography
  • Differential geometry
  • Mathematical biology
  • Coding theory
  • Linear programming
  • Number theory
  • Financial derivatives​
  • Probability models​
  • Statistical inference
  • Applied statistics
  • Data collection
  • Investment and credit
  • Analysis of big data
  • Regression analysis