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Scholarship applications are now open!

New UTSC Student Awards Profile

The UTSC Student Awards Profile is an electronic portal to all application-based awards at UTSC and is open only to UTSC degree students. The application period opens on the first day of classes in September of each academic year.

Students who are interested in applying for awards and scholarships are required to complete an Awards Profile. Your profile will be kept on record and you will have the ability to update your profile at any time before the deadline date of May 31 of each academic year. Each time you apply it will be important that you review and update your profile.

Upon submission of your application, your profile will be read by award committee members. All students will be notified of their application results by the end of August of each academic year.

Click HERE to access the UTSC Student Awards Profile

The following awards are made possible thanks to the generosity of U of T Scarborough donors.

The primary purpose of an in-course award or prize is to recognize the academic achievements of registered students. The scholarships and awards listed in this section of the website require an application and are only those awards that are administered by U of T Scarborough.  Please note the following:

  • Students who are currently registered at the U of T Scarborough can apply for these awards
  • Pay close attention to the deadlines dates and follow the instructions on how to complete the application
  • For each award, there is an Award Selection Committee that meets to review the applications and to select a recipient
  • Award Selection Committees meet throughout the summer (June and July)
  • Students will be notified with the results of their submission through eService
  • We endeavour to communicate the committee's decision by early September (where possible)

Some awards in this category are endowed from the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF). More about the OSOTF.

Merit Awards & Scholarships

Up to date and accurate information on specific awards, scholarships, prizes or bursaries can be found at one of the following locations:
  • The Registrar's Office (Room AA142)
  • This website

Academic awards are made possible because of the generosity of donors and the primary purpose of an award or prize is to recognize the academic achievements of students and graduates. While adhering to U of T's Policy on Student Awards, UTSC offers a variety of opportunities to students registered in full time or part time studies at UTSC. Some awards require an application while others are automatically granted. All candidates applying or being considered for an award must meet the award criteria. Decisions are made by student award committees.

Some awards also come with a monetary value, which we call a scholarship. Scholarships reward academic excellence and are a non-repayable type of financial support.

Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Awards (OSOTF*)
The Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Funds were established by the Government of Ontation to encourage companies and individuals to contribute to permanent endowment funds to assist students with financial need. This program has allowed UTSC to establish awards that benefit academically qualified students who, for financial reasons, would not otherwise be able to attend U of T Scarborough.

To qualify for consideration for awards which are identified as OSOTF (or OTSS) awards, students must qualify for consideration for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Eligible candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and satisfy the Ontario residency requirements as defined by OSAP.


UTSC Policy on Student Awards
  • A general condition for holding an entrance or in-course award is that the student must register full-time at the University of Toronto Scarborough in the following academic year with degree status.
  • Students who have been awarded a scholarship, which is based on enrolment in a particular program of study, must continue in that program to receive the award.
  • U of T Scarborough reserves the right to withdraw an award or scholarship, if, in a particular year, the academic achievement of the candidate is not of high standard.
  • In order to give more students an opportunity to be recognized for excellent academic achievement the policy of the University of Toronto Scarborough Awards Committee permits a student to hold only one major award.
  • Students are considered for in-course awards after completing the 5th, 10th, and 15th credit.
  • The UTSC Awards Committee exercises discretion in allowing a limited number of transfer credits (maximum of 2) to be used for the purpose of determining eligibility for in-course awards. Students must complete at least 3.0 credits at UTSC to be eligible for an in-course award. However, the student would not be eligible to receive the scholarship, if any, for the relevant award.
  • Decisions are normally made in the Summer (July) for students who have completed the 5th, 10th, or 15th credit during the previous three sessions. For example, in 2010, eligible candidates are selected from 2009 Summer, 2009 Fall and 2010 Winter sessions.
  • We endeavour to send notification of an in-course award and/or scholarship in August.
  • For graduation awards, students who graduate at the fall convocation are considered for awards at the following spring convocation in competition with the spring graduands.
  • Students enrolled in three-year degrees are not considered for in-course awards.

Groups of Five Credits Policy
For awards purposes, a year of study is defined as the completion of 5 credits. Students do not always accumulate their credits in groups of five per academic year (September to April), or in cumulative totals divisible by five. The Registrar's office produces a list of eligible candidates for awards by using a method of calculating the Scholarship Grade Point Average (SGPA) on each group of five credits. This methodology is considered to treat all candidates fairly without regard to whether they have been registered full time or part time. Here is an example of the calculation for a student who has completed 4 credits at the end of their first winter session (2 in Fall and 2 in the Winter) and then earned 1.5 credits in the following summer session:

Session #Credits GPA Calculation Result SGPA
2 x 3.8
2 x 3.7
1 x 4.0

The Scholarship GPA is calculated by dividing 19.00 by the total number of credits, 5.

Payment of In-Course Scholarships
  • Generally, the award recipient must be registered with UTSC in the following academic year.
  • Payment of a scholarship is made after the student's registration is verified.
  • Payment of a scholarship amount usually takes place in November.
  • Payment is deposited into the student's ROSI account and will first be applied to any outstanding balance.
  • In the event that the account is paid in full, or the amount of the scholarship is greater than the outstanding balance, the remainder will be refunded automatically.
  • Students should ensure the address information on ROSI is accurate.
  • Students may also receive refunds electronically. In order to do so, banking information must be entered on ROSI (under personal information).
  • Payment to recipients who have already graduated will be made in accordance with the specific award criteria.
Students Who Register Part-time at UTSC
  • Students who register at UTSC in a part-time course load, and are not registered at any other college or faculty of U of T or another univeristy, may retain their scholarship.
  • However depending on the value of the scholarship and the number of courses taken, it is possible that a portion of the scholarship will be held back and put in trust for one academic year.

Co-op Students on Placement

  • Co-op students who are participating in a co-op work term in the Fall and/or Winter sessions are expected to notify our office in writing (email is fine).
  • Payment will be deferred to the session in which they are registered in a full time course load.

Students Who Do Not Register at UTSC

  • UTSC scholarships are not transferable. If a student doesn't register at UTSC the following year, the student will not receive the monetary portion of the award. The scholarship cannot be applied towards costs at another institution or at another college or faculty at U of T.
  • Payment of a scholarship can be deferred for one year for any student who does not register for the following academic year, but is intending to return to UTSC. A student can notify our office in writing (email is fine) of his/her plans. Please do so within 2 weeks of the November in-course awards ceremony.

Contact Details for Student Awards

Lisa Lamanna
Manager, Awards & Scholarships
1265 Military Trail, AA142
Toronto, ON M1C 1A4


University of Toronto Scarborough Awards and Scholarships

University of Toronto Scarborough seeks to attract, recognize and reward the academic achievements of students registered in undergraduate degree programs.  We have allocated approximately $2.3 million worth of financial support (scholarships and aid programs) for students attending the University of Toronto Scarborough. We consider students for awards in the following categories:

  • Admission Awards and Scholarships: Available to new students entering University of Toronto Scarborough directly from secondary school. There are two types of awards:

a) Automatically awarded
b) Application or Nomination based

  • In-Course Awards and Scholarships: Available to students continuing their degree studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough. In this category there are two types of awards:

a) Automatically awarded
b) Application or Nomination based

  • Graduation Awards: Available to student who have completed their degree and are awarded in the year in which the student is graduating.


UTSC In-Course Awards and Scholarships

University of Toronto Scarborough recognizes outstanding students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs by awarding scholarships, prizes and bursaries to eligible students.  Students are considered for in-course scholarships and prizes at the end of the session in which they complete their 5th, 10th and 15th full credit.  Decisions for automatic in-course awards are made in the summer and notification letters are normally sent out in August. 

Automatically awarded:

  • University of Toronto Scarborough Dean's List

UTSC Publishes the Dean's List annually each fall, which includes the names of all students who have achieved a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.5 or better in their most recent year of study based on a minimum of 1.5 credits completed. This will include all courses completed during the prior Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions.

  • University of Toronto Scholars Program

Outstanding undergraduate degree students will be considered for University of Toronto Scholars Program at the end of the first, second and third year of their programs. At UTSC, there are approximately 20 scholarships at each level. These in-course awards are tenable with other in-course scholarships.

  • A.D. Allen Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to the outstanding student in each year at University of Toronto Scarborough, in any field of study. The scholarships are awarded in memory of Dr. A. D. Allen, a former Principal of U of T Scarborough.

  • Vincent Bladen In-course Scholarships

Two scholarships for each of first, second and third year are awarded on the basis of exceptional academic achievement. The scholarships are awarded in memory of Professor V. Bladen, a former member of the faculty in Economics.

Recognizing Academic Excellence

UTSC holds an annual celebration, usually in late November, to honour the recipients of in-course scholarships and present them with their award. Click here to download the program from the most recent academic awards ceremony.


Other U of T In-Course Scholarships

We have included a small number of awards that are open to UTSC students but are administered through Admissions and Awards at the St. George Campus. Visit their website to read more about all the awards and scholarships available at U of T. Go there now.

UTSC Admission Awards and Scholarships

U of T Scarborough allocates entrance scholarships to students entering first year directly from secondary school. In considering students for scholarships, the University reserves the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course.

Visit the Admissions & Student Recruitment website for specific information. 


UTSC Graduation Awards

All graduating students are automatically considered for a variety of Graduation Awards and Prizes. Graduation awards are awarded in June at a special ceremony which usually takes place one or two days prior to the June convocation. Students who graduate in November will be considered for graduation awards in June.

Graduating students are automatically considered for the following:

  • Graduation With High Distinction

University of Toronto Scarborough students who have completed at least ten full-credits while registered at U of T Scarborough will graduate with high distinction if their cumulative grade point average is 3.50 or better .

    • Graduation With Distinction
University of Toronto Scarborough students who have completed at least ten full-credits while registered at U of T Scarborough will graduate with distinction if their cumulative grade point average is between 3.20 and 3.49. Other students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.20 or better will be considered on an individual basis.


Other Graduate Awards & Prizes

For more than 125 years, the Governor General's Academic Medals have recognized the outstanding scholastic achievements of students in Canada and are considered the most prestigious award that students in Canadian schools can receive.

Pierre Trudeau, Tommy Douglas, Kim Campbell, Robert Bourassa, Robert Stanfield and Gabrielle Roy are just some of the people who have received the Governor General’s Academic Medal as the start of a life of accomplishment.

Each campus at University of Toronto nominates one student for the Governor General's Academic Medal. The Silver Medal is awarded to the student graduating with the highest average from a University of Toronto undergraduate degree program. University of Toronto Scarborough is very proud to have students who have received this award.

The John Black Aird Scholarship was established in 1996 to honour the memory of John Black Aird. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Torontois and obtained a law degreed from Osgoode Hall Law School. His many accomplishments include serving as a Canadian Senator for the Liberal Party (1964 - 1974), serving as Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario (1980 - 1985) and in 1986 he was appointed Chancellor of the University of Toronto a position he held until 1991.

This scholarship is awarded annually to the top student graduting from an undergraduate degree program from University of Toronto.

The Department of Student Life site contains additional graduate awards.


External Scholarships

There are many organizations and associations outside of University of Toronto Scarborough that offer scholarships and awards to students.  There is an abundance of information available on the Internet.  Some of the websites will ask you to complete a questionnaire thus enabling you to receive a list of scholarships and awards that are suitable to the profile you created.  You can even receive emails to alert you to new awards or upcoming deadlines.  Please see the next section for links to these websites.

In addition to the links we provide below, you can also visit the U of T Admissions & Awards website to view information on external awards.

Scholarship & Awards Links

Talbots Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Deadline - beginning of January)
This is a unique scholarship program for women. Scholarships totaling $120,000 were awarded in 2009 to women who were enrolled or were planning to enrol in a full or part time undergraduate course of study at an accredited institution. More information on the eligibility criteria is available on the website. Applications normally become available in mid October/early November here. Read about this foundation at their website.

BMO financial Group/Lime Connect Canada Scholarship (Deadline - January 31 annually)
The full name of this scholarship is BMO Financial Group/Lime Connect Canada Scholarship & Internship Program for Students with Disabilities. This is a scholarship designed for students who are interested in a career in financial services and this scholarship together with an opportunity for an internship is perfect for launching that career. Visit their website to download an application.

Eco-Spirituality Bursary - Ursulines of the Chatham Union (Deadline - March 19 annually)
The Ursulines of the Chatham Union is a religious order based in Canada who promote the advancement of women through education in its broadest sense. This bursary is offered to Canadian women pursuing studies focusing on the relationship between Earth issues and Spirituality at a Canadian Institution. Applications are available at the Registrar's Office or at the website.

Electro-Federation Canada - EFC Foundation (Deadline - July 1 annually)
Are you in BBA or Computer Science? If yes, then you can apply online for this scholarship.

Eligible applicants:

  • have completed at least their first year of study;
  • must be Canadian citizens; and
  • must have maintained a minimum 70% average (applies to EFC Foundation Scholarships only); and
  • are registered for full time studies.

Other corporate scholarships are also available. For individual award descriptions, visit the EFC Foundation website.

Basilicata Cultural Society of Canada Scholarships
The Basilicata Cultural Society of Canada offers 3 scholarships of $2,000 each. This scholarship is intended to assist students enrolled in college or university who are residents of Canada and who have family originally from Basilicata (i.e. at least one grandparent or great-grandparent).

The scholarship can be used to offset educational costs or a trip to the Region of Basilicata. Eligible applicants should submit an essay (1000 to 1500 words) in English or Italian discussing the significance of their Basilicata heritage and the Region of Basilicata. In addition the essay should explain how this scholarship will benefit them.

Additional criteria can be found on the Society's website. Applications can be downloaded from the website of the Basiclicata Cultural Society of Canada.

Fessenden - Trott Scholarships
This scholarship from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) is open to students who have completed their first year of an undergraduate degree and are continuing into second year. It is renewable for 3 consecutive years. More information can be obtained from their website. Deadline is usually in mid June.


Other Sites of Interest

  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) is a non-profit association that represents Canadian universities and colleges both in Canada and abroad.  Information for both undergraduate and graduate students can be found here. 
  • CanLearn is Canada’s one-stop resource site for information and planning tools for post-secondary education.  You will find a scholarship search tool too!
  • – A Canadian website that has thousands of scholarships and other types of financial support on a database. 
  • Scholarships Canada is one of Canada’s most comprehensive scholarship portal with information on student loans and budgeting.
  • Community of Science is a privately held company founded by John Hopkins University to create an international database of university-based scientific research.  There are several opportunities in Ontario. 
  • The Leonard Foundation has a charitable trust and a financial aid program for students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.  This program is open to all students attending a post-secondary institution that is a member of AUCC. 
  • The Rotary Foundation has a program known as Ambassadorial Scholarships whose purpose is to foster greater international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries.  The program sponsors several types of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. 
  • National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation - offers 4 major programs to First Nations (status and non-status), Inuit and Métis students.