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University of Toronto (UofT) is the top university in Canada and highly ranked in the world. The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), one of three campuses at the University, has developed a successful special admissions pathway named FAIR (Facilitated Admissions International Recruitment) UTSC. This highly student-supportive program is a unique process to admit academically qualified international students into undergraduate programs at UTSC.

The program focuses on the expectation of active participation, research skill development, academic support and a thorough understanding of academic integrity. In addition to intensive study of academic English, students learn to adapt to their new life in Canada. After successful completion of the program, students begin their first-year undergraduate studies. Upon receiving their undergraduate degree, students are well positioned to continue into advanced degree programs or compete for highly desirable positions with top companies in Canada and multi-national corporations worldwide.

2018 FAIR UTSC Flyer for all other Countries

Applicants from Turkey, UAE, Vietnam and other countries: Find out more information about our program and its application process

2018 FAIR UTSC Flyer

Applicants from Taiwan: Find out more information about our program and its application process

Admission Document Checklist

A list of required documents for your FAIR UTSC application (applicants from Taiwan only)