How We Make Decisions

Factors to Consider

We take many factors into consideration when assessing your application – not just your academic record. The marks required for admission are not pre-determined by the University. They vary from year to year, and are based on the competition among applicants for available spaces. To view the minimum admission grades, visit the Program section. This competition means that you are not guaranteed a place in your desired program even if you have the minimum requirements. Preference is given to students with the best qualifications. Here are some of the factors we consider when we look at your application.

Academic credentials

We look at a wide range of criteria including school marks, which subjects you took, and how well you did in subjects relevant to the academic program you selected. 

Non-academic credentials

Depending on the program, nonacademic information may be used to assess your application, and may be valued just as importantly as academic information.

Repeated Courses

While we recognize there may be valid reasons why you repeated a course, in general we urge you to do as well as possible on your first attempt. 

Extenuating Circumstances

We will consider your application if your qualifications do not meet the regular requirements but you are able to offer written evidence of exceptional ability or extenuating circumstances. 

When Decisions are Made

Ontario High School Students (OUAC 101)

  1. Ontario high school applicants are assessed in 3 rounds of admission during February, March and May. During each round of admission, updated grades are provided to the University of Toronto from Ontario high schools to assess applicants.
  2. If an offer of admission is not made during a particular round of admission, the applicant will be reassessed with updated grades for the subsequent round. During the final round in May, applicants who have not received an offer of admission will receive a final decision on their application.
  3. For programs that require a Supplementary Application Form (SAF), the SAF must be submitted before the round of admission in order to be assessed. If the deadline has passed to submit your SAF, we still encourage applicants to submit it as soon as possible in order to be assessed for that program.
  4. Applicants should not make any program changes before a round of admission as it can affect the assessment of your application. Similarly, once an offer of admission is made, students who would like to make any program choices should notify the admissions office and not make any changes to their application. 

All Other Applicants (OUAC 105, International, Internal, Non-Degree, Part-time)

  1. Application decisions are made on an ongoing basis once admissions receive all the required documents to assess an application. Electronic document submissions are recommended where possible to accelerate the assessment process. Please do not submit duplicate documents as this will delay the assessment. 
  2. After all required documents are submitted, including English proficiency and SAF (if required), decisions are typically processed within 6 to 8 weeks
  3. University/College transfer applicants are encouraged to submit current transcripts that indicate the courses they are currently enrolled in and any final grades from the previous semesters. If we are unable to make a conditional decision based on the current academic record, the final transcript from that semester will be required to make a decision. 
  4. Any documents submitted after the listed document deadline will still be assessed for admission, space permitting. If the original program you applied to has reached capacity after the document deadline date, your file will be reviewed for any possible alternate offers of admission related to your original program choice once all your required documents are submitted. 

Notification of Admission Decisions

  1. Check your mail. If you are currently studying full-time in the Ontario secondary school system, you should receive your notification by the end of the month during any of the 3 rounds of admission. Otherwise, the notification period typically ranges from 6 to 10 weeks after all documents are submitted.
  2. Open your Offer of Admission Package. Congratulations, you’ve earned a place at UTSC! Look carefully at the details in your official Offer of Admission letter. You may have conditions that need to be met to keep your place, particularly if you have final grades or documentation pending. Also included in the offer package are instructions on what to do next. If applicable, the package will also notify you about scholarships / awards / UTAPS assessment, provide residence application instructions and documentation for obtaining a study permit/visa for international students. 
  3. Give us your answer by the deadline. Instructions on how to reply to the Offer of Admission are provided in the package. 
  4. Alternate Offers of Admission. (Watch our Prezi about Alternate Offers) You will be automatically considered for an alternate program choice at UTSC if you do not qualify for the following programs: Co-op programs Joint Programs with Centennial College, and Management and Science programs. An alternate offer of admission typically applies to a non-Co-op program in a field of study related to the original program you selected. For example, applicants to Co-op Life Sciences would be considered for non co-op Life Sciences. In most cases, you are welcome to re-apply to the program after your first year of study. Paramedicine does not accept year 2 applicants. 
  5. Plan for your future. Your Offer of Admission package contains a brochure that lists your next steps, including how to obtain course registration materials, fee information, important deadlines and event information for new students.
  6. Celebrate! Congratulations on your successful application. We look forward to seeing you on campus!


  • At UTSC, we make every effort to process applications as quickly as possible. We will only process your application once you have submitted all of your necessary documents, such as transcripts, predicted grades, and proof of English Facility (if required).
  • All applicants can view documents they need to submit after applying, as well as view when a decision is made, by accessing Status Check, available through the Join U of T Portal.
  • If you have already applied and received your U of T Acknowledgement email, please click here to access Application Status Check