8-Week Academic Preparation Program Requirements

  • The FAIR UTSC program is a very unique offering that combines conditional acceptance to the University of Toronto Scarborough with intensive 8-week English language instruction and life skills training seminars. Students will be actively involved in both individual and group activities. Regular attendance and full participation are required. Student initiative and independent study are required for success in this program.
  • Students must attend 90% of all classes in order to receive an Academic Preparation Program certificate and grade report at the end of the session. Active participation is required in all of your classes. A grade of 'B' in class work and a grade of 'B' in all final exams meet the language facility requirements for the FAIR program at the University of Toronto. Students who do not receive a final grade of “B” will be put “on probation” with additional English instruction required or refused further registration.
  • We pride ourselves on having a diverse student body, leading well-balanced lives, enriching their minds, bodies, and spirit. Students value the importance of academics and are passionate about achieving personal goals. The University of Toronto Scarborough offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to get involved in student life and gain valuable extra-curricular experience to become an overall well-rounded individual.