Specialist in English

Does reading through the English course offerings in the calendar leave you feeling as though you want to take as many classes as possible? The Specialist program is ideal for students who want to focus their undergraduate work primarily in English literature. The Specialist provides an unparalleled opportunity for in-depth and more advanced work in literary studies, while also giving students the room they need to broaden their understanding of the field and explore their interests as widely as possible. The Specialist offers superb preparation for graduate work in English literature; it is also an excellent foundation for a variety of career paths. 


Requirements for the Specialist Program   

12.0 credits in English are required of which at least 3.0 must be at the C-level and 1.5 at the D-level. They should be selected as follows: 

  1. ENGB03H3 Critical Thinking About Narrative ​
  2. ENGB04H3 Critical Thinking About Poetry 
  3. ENGB05H3 Critical Writing about Literature 
  4. ENGB27H3 Charting Literary History I ​
  5. ENGB28H3 Charting Literary History II 
  6. 2.0 credits from English courses whose content is pre-1900 
  7. 0.5 credits in Canadian literature ​
  8. 7.0 additional credits in English 


For more details on program requirements, visit the UTSC Calendar. Questions about program requirements should be directed to the Program Supervisor, Professor Neal Dolan (english-program-supervisor@utsc.utoronto.ca). 

Interested in learning more about how our courses are structured and how you might develop your own path through your Specialist program in English? Visit our Routes and Threads page.