SELF (Students of English Literature and Film)

Students of English Literature

Students of English Literature and Film (SELF) at UTSC is a student-run organization that works in close partnership with the English faculty to build a community of English Literature and Film students by providing student services, organizing academic and social events, and bringing student feedback and issues to the UTSC Administration. Through our events, we also promote professional, scholarly, and research excellence among our fellow students.  Our full members have complete access to these events and all the services that our organization provides. We always have opportunities open for involvement throughout the year, so find your SELF and join us! Events are open to English and non-English majors alike!

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Executive Team Photosheet | 2016-2017

Christina Arayata – President

Christina Arayata is a fourth-year student double majoring in English and Political Science. In her first year with SELF as the Conference Coordinator, she was running around to ensure the best possible Emerging Voices experience for all attendees. She has had her fair share of leadership experiences and wishes to utilize the skills she has refined and gained to serve and further expand the UTSC English community with passion. Her door is always open to your comments, concerns, and ideas towards the betterment of the UTSC English Community.

In her free time, you can spot Christina attempting to go to the gym, catching up on sleep, or obsessing over comics, books, film, and theatre. Although introverted feel free to stop her in the halls or come visit the SELF office (HW 335) to chat. She cannot wait to meet all of you and show you what the SELF team has in store for you this year!


Kevin Liu – Vice-President Academics

Kevin Liu is the current Vice-President Academics of SELF and is double majoring in English and Statistics, with a minor in Creative Writing. He is one of many mentors in SELF’s Creative Writing Mentorship program, and has had his short story, The Last Cowboy published in an anthology. As the Vice-President Academics, Kevin hopes to further promote English literature and writing among students, as well as encourage many other individuals to pursue and appreciate literature as a whole. Kevin enjoys anything horror, especially gaming, and the flavour of banana coconut.




Mayanna Jerome– Conference Chair

Mayanna Jerome is a third year student specializing in all things English. She is thrilled to once again be part of the SELF team, taking on a more dominate role in SELF’s Emerging Voices Conference this year, in comparison to her position last year as an Associate. Mayanna is excited to be part of a committee that promotes the value of literature and film with creative and fun events.

During her spare time you can often find Mayanna at home, in Houston Texas with her parents, two younger sisters, and loving dog… or you can find her at the library






Jaya Florentino:  – Co-Executive Editor in Critical Writing

Jaya Florentino is a third year student pursuing a double major in English and Psychology. This is her first year working with SELF and is very excited to take on the role of Executive Editor of Critical Writing for the 2016-2017 school year. She looks forward to helping and contributing to the growth of SELF and the English department one essay at a time. In her spare time, you can find her sleeping in a cubicle or drinking iced coffee






Amy Tran – Marketing Communications

As a second year student at UTSC, Amy is working on a double major in English and French. This is her first year working with SELF and she is thrilled to be working with such a wonderful group of people, while spreading love for film and literature at the same time. She is interested in many things, some of which include reading, films, learning different languages, photography, the different Adobe programs, traveling, and collecting jewelry.

In Amy’s spare time, she can often be found with a book or making gifs and graphics on Photoshop for her Tumblr blog. She’s a huge geek and she often makes gifs and graphics for everything that interests her, which include books, movies, and musical groups.