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Department of English

The discipline of English at UTSC explores the rich variety of texts produced in the English-speaking world across historical periods and geographical boundaries. Encompassing creative writing, film studies, and literature, our curriculum encourages students to think and write critically about the development of particular genres, the relationship between literary works and other art forms, and the production and dissemination of texts in different historical and cultural contexts. The English program at UTSC gives students the tools to engage with new ways of thinking, speaking, and writing about the world around them and, in so doing, to interact with and to change that world through critical language and argument.

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English Literature

Does reading through the English course offerings in the calendar leave you feeling as though you want to take as many classes as possible?

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Literature and Film Studies

Courses focus on specific filmmakers, movements, genres, and eras, as well as on special themes and critical topics in film studies.

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Creative Writing

Does your love of literature go beyond scholarship? Are you looking to branch out from your chosen field and learn how to write creatively?