Athletic Facilities

The Department of Athletics and Recreation at the University of Toronto Scarborough, offers a number of athletic and recreational facilities that are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general community.

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) is a 365,000 sq. ft world-class membership-based facility. In addition to U of T students, membership is available to U of T Faculty and Staff, U of T Alumni and members of the general community. Membership is sold from the Customer Service Desk at TPASC.

The Department of Athletics and Recreation also has a number of additional athletic facilities on the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, which it owns, operates and manages, including Multi-Sport Playfields, a brand new 8-court Tennis Centre, and the Dan Lang Field Baseball Field in our lower campus valley, as well as a full size FIFA size soccer field adjacent to TPASC.

We offer rental rental services and packages for a number for our facilities, which provide access and use of world-class facilities, at one of the country's premier educational facilities.  We host a number of tournaments and special events, and regularly work with organizations such as the Ontario Tennis Association, the Ontario Soccer Association and the Ontario Blue Jays.

For TPASC rental information, please visit