Program Summary:

Biology is the study of life and this major program in Biology is meant to provide students with a solid basic knowledge of this vast discipline, while also allowing the student to tailor their program in the upper years toward one or more of biology's many sub-disciplines. Many of the world’s most important and timely issues (medical science and disease, conservation and biodiversity, food and energy supplies) are issues that require citizens to have a firm understanding of biological principles and practices.

Degree Offered: U of T Honours Bachelor of Science - Hon. B.Sc.
Admissions Category: SCIENCES: Life Sciences
Program Pre-Requisites: Biology, Calculus & Vectors, Chemistry, English, Advanced Functions
Program Options:
Program Option Grades Required OUAC Code Supplementary
Program Offered as Major High 70s TSL
Program Offered as Minor High 70s TSL
Sample Courses:
Advanced Plant Physiology, Limnology, Microbes in the Environment, Microbiology I: The Bacterial Cell, Transmission Genetics, Vertebrate Endocrinology