Program Summary:

Biology is the scientific study of living organisms and their interactions with the nonliving world. Students of Human/ Integrative Biology will examine the structures and functions of all living organisms, from microbes to human beings. The program options are: • The Specialist Program in Integrative Biology • The Specialist & Major Programs in Human Biology • The Major & Minor Programs in Biology The Specialist Program in Integrative Biology offers the most flexibility for students who wish to concentrate on more than one area of biology.

The Human Biology Program is designed for students with a strong interest in the Health Sciences, incorporating biology, psychology, physical science and social science courses with a human health focus.

The Specialist level is a rigorous program that provides excellent preparation for the MCAT and other Health Science aptitude tests. Laboratory work is an integral component of the biology programs. The labs are sized to offer a small student/demonstrator ratio (maximum 20), which allows for close interaction and positive teaching and learning experiences.

Degree Offered: U of T Honours Bachelor of Science - Hon. B.Sc.
Admissions Category: SCIENCES: Life Sciences
Program Pre-Requisites: Biology, Calculus & Vectors, Chemistry, English, Advanced Functions
Program Options:
Program Option Grades Required OUAC Code Supplementary
Program Offered as Major Mid 70s to Low 80s TSL
Program Offered as Minor Mid 70s to Low 80s TSL
Sample Courses:
Advanced Plant Physiology, Limnology, Microbes in the Environment, Microbiology I: The Bacterial Cell, Transmission Genetics, Vertebrate Endocrinology