Student Research

Students in a hallway at UTSC

Undergraduate Research Day

The Sociology Undergraduate Research Day (URD) celebrates sociology students’ research achievements and offers students an opportunity to development their professional skills. The URD is an annual daylong conference showcasing the year’s best student research papers. Once invited to participate, students receive one-on-one faculty mentoring to prepare a presentation. The top two papers receive a cash prize.   

Immigrant Scarborough

The D-level course Immigrant Scarborough (SOCD21) offers students an opportunity to go out “into the field”.  The course teaches students how to conduct in-depth, qualitative research on the social, cultural and economic dimensions of Scarborough’s immigrant past and present. Students gain valuable experience linking hands-on research and fieldwork to theoretical debates about migration, transnationalism and multicultural communities.  Student research and creative work will be featured on the Immigrant Scarborough mapping project.

Lives & Legacies

Lives and Legacies is a facilitates the effective teaching and learning of Qualitative Interviewing (QI) by demonstrating good examples and instructive mistakes in data collection, examining epistemological issues on reflexivity, and incorporating analytical lenses in data analysis. The appended data set, which contains a total of 37 interview transcripts of Italian, Tamil, Caribbean and Chinese immigrants to Canada, is invaluable for freeing up class time to teaching/learning higher order skills of analysis and critical thinking.

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