Special Topics & Advanced Seminars


SOCD44H3, Advanced Seminar on Issues in Contemporary Sociology
“This changes everything”: Debates in sociology of mass media

Why do mass media systems all over the world differ from each other? Does this matter for the quality of life of their respective audiences? Are the “new media” really as new as marketing tells us they are? Do they empower us to turn from consumers to creators, or wrap us into cozy cocoons of information that protect our chosen identities? The course will address these and other questions through a review of current issues and debates in Canadian and international sociology of mass media.

FALL 2017

SOCC54 ~ Special Topics in Sociology of Culture
Although shopping is described as a pastime, a closer look reveals that it involves more than leisurely checking out deals or grudgingly buying one's needs.  In fact, our habits of buying goods and services - our practices of consumption - are heavily influenced by our social world. In this course, we will examine how people reproduce social divisions through consumption, and how people use consumption to challenge the status quo. We will draw on sociological theories to make sense of how consumption is structured, how social desires are transformed, and how shopping involves identity politics.

SOCC46H3 ~ Special Topics in Sociology of Law
This course draws on sociological theory as well as Canadian and international research to explore the purchase, use, sale, production and trafficking of illicit substances including, but not limited to, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, psychedelic drugs and methamphetamines. Topics that will be covered include: addiction; the incidence and prevalence of illicit drug use in Canada and around the world; the relationship between drugs and crime; and both domestic and international drug policies.

SOCD05H3 ~ Advanced Seminar in Criminology and Sociology of Law
This seminar explores the topic of drug policy (both domestic and international) drawing on an historical-comparative sociological framework. Topics that will be covered include the historical development of drug prohibition in Canada, the War on Drugs in the US, international drug treaties, and alternatives to drug prohibition such as harm reduction and cannabis legalisation. Critical evaluation of the effectiveness of drug policies will be a major focus of this seminar.    


SOCC59H3 Special Topics in Social Inequality: The Sociology of Food and Diets
When we grab a snack, prepare a dish, or visit a restaurant, we tend to think that our selections reflect our preferences.  In this course, we will challenge preference-based assumptions by examining how our food environments are structured and how social inequalities manifest in diets.  We will examine how global and national political and economic workings shape local food systems, how people resist these workings and actively re-define their food environments, how taste preferences are constructed, and how people use food to express their social relationships.

SOCD10H3 ~ Advanced Seminar in Gender and Family
In this course, we will read and evaluate recent research related to the sociology of families and gender with a focus on North America. We will explore the diversity of family forms and processes, highlighting specific topics that demonstrate how social forces shape gender and family relations.  Topics covered include marriage, cohabitation, parenting, childhood, work-family conflict, divorce, religion, foster care, residential schools, and family violence. Students are encouraged to suggest topics of interest not currently covered by the course schedule.

SOCD25H3 ~ Advanced Seminar in Economy, Politics and Society
This seminar course provides students with the tools to apply a sociological interpretation to economic phenomena with a focus on firms, labor markets, consumption, underground economies, and globalization, among others.  Throughout the course, we examine these phenomena through three competing perspectives: economic, structural, and cultural